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Assisted Sail Trim

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This Jeanneau innovation, co-developed in partnership with Harken, allows the sailor to trim the sails and remotely operate the winches directly from a screen at the helm station. Designed to ensure comfortable and easy sailing, the Assisted Sail Trim system is ideal for short-handed cruising. 100% user-friendly and intuitive, it brings numerous features to cruising in the same way as the autopilot does. Cette innovation Jeanneau developpee en partenariat avec Harken permet de regler les voiles directement depuis un ecran au poste de barre et de controler les winchs a distance. Congu pour...

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Alternatively, If the boat maintains a given heading under autopilot and wind angle changes, the sails will automatically be trimmed accordingly. Ideal for long distances cruises, this system is comparable to the cruise control function in a car. Autre cas de figure, si le bateau suit un cap donne sous pilote automatique et si le vent tourne, les voiles seront reglees automatiquement en consequence. Ideal pour longues distances, ce systeme est comparable avec un regulateur de Vitesse de voiture.

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L'utilisateur appuie sur le bouton auto tack et manoeuvre la/ barre a roue pour que le bateau vire. Le systeme gere automatiquement les winchs d'ecoutes de genois pour choquer d'un cote et border de I'autre. Le systeme retrouve le reglage de voiles defini avant le The helmsperson pushes the Auto Tack button, and turns the wheel to tack the boat. The system automatically operates the primary winches to pull in one sheet and ease the other. Sails are trimmed to the same angle as before the turn, but on

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While the boat is sailing on a given course, the sails If the wind increases and the heel reaches a pre-defined angle, the system Once the boat comes back to a more should be properly trimmed and the Auto Trim function automatically eases the mainsheet. comfortable angle of heel, the mainsheet is activated. trimmed in automatically to its original position. Le bateau navigue selon un cap donne avec des voiles Si le vent augmente et que la gite atteint la limite definie, le systeme choque correctement reglees et la fonction Auto Trim activee. automatiquement la grand'voile. Une fois que le...

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This exclusive Jeanneau technology, developed in partnership with Harken, is available on Harken, Inc. is the world's leading deck hardware and sailing equipment supplier. This innovative system relies on proven equipment and operates in collaboration with major electronics manufacturers. Une technologie exclusive Jeanneau developpee en partenariat avec Harken, disponible sur

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