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INNOVATIVE SAILING SOLUTIONS Battcar Systems TAME YOUR MAIN Handling a big mainsail? Wrestling a flogging main onto the boom? Raising the genoa, but not the main when it’s windy? Sailing solo? M A I N S A I L H A N D L I N G Whether reaching, running or beating, a Harken® Battcar system helps raise, douse and reef with ease, and acts as extra crew when sailing shorthanded. Battcar systems outperform in-mast or in-boom furling, cost less, and you don’t need to recut your sail. CARS AND TRACK BUILT TO LAST Car bodies are made of one-piece high-grade aluminum. They are strong, lightweight, and will last for years. Car bodies, bearing races and track are deepsaturation Hardkote-anodized with a black additive to resist the corrosive effects of salt, sun and long-term wear. Cars are Teon®-impregnated for a smooth, slippery surface. CB CAPTIVE BALL CARS— THE ULTIMATE IN LOW-FRICTION Stainless steel wire guides keep Torlon® ball bearings captive and circulating smoothly for fast sail hoists, douses and reefs. WIDE RANGE OF SIZES Systems available for boats to 80 ft (24.4 m). MIX CB AND SLIDER BATTCARS CB and Slider Battcar systems use the same track, making upgrades to ball bearing cars easy. Mix Slider cars with CB cars to get the perfect system for your boat and budget. EASY MAST-UP INSTALLATION Battcar track is designed to screw directly into slugs that slide into mast groove—no drilling or tapping on most masts. Captive bearings allow cars to easily roll off the track for cleaning and maintenance. Batten toggle assembly moves freely in all directions to prevent the sail from binding when reeng under load. SLIDER BATTCARS— A COST EFFECTIVE WAY TO TAME YOUR MAIN Raise and lower sails without battling sticky bolt ropes, slugs and bunched up sailcloth. EASY SAIL STORAGE Lazy Jacks keep mainsail gathered onto the boom when sail is reefed or dropped. Use independently or with a Battcar system. QUICK SAIL REMOVAL Cars and sails slide off the track by removing the screwpin endstop— no tools needed. 1251 E. Wisconsin Ave., Pewaukee, WI 53072 USA • Tel: 262-691-3320 • Fax: 262-691-3008 • Email: harken@harken.com • Web: www.harken.com 4257/5-06

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Ordering Battcars Determining System Size Your boat’s length and sail area determine the size of the batten traveler system. Owners of custom or non standard boats please call your distributor listed in the Harken catalog or on www.harken.com. Typical boat length Maximum sail area Monohull Multihull Monohull Multihull ft m ft m ft2 m2 ft2 m2 to 37 to 11.3 to 30 to 9.1 350 32 275 25 37 - 50 11.3 - 15.2 30 - 40 9.1 - 12.2 600 56 500 46 50 - 60 15.2 - 18.3 40 - 50 12.2 - 15.2 900 83 700 65 60 - 80 18.3 - 24.4 50 - 65 15.2 - 19.8 1500 139 1250 116 P E Mainsail Area = P x E x .5 System size AA A...

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