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2023 Supplement - 2

Welcome to the 2023 Harken Marine Catalog Supplement The past two years have been such a challenge for so many, we wonder if sailors have even had time to notice some of the new equipment that’s been introduced. In the spirit of taking nothing for granted, we’re using this 2023 product supplement as a bit of a reprise. Inside you’ll find brand new products. You’ll also see products we’ve launched since 2020 along with early reaction from folks who have had experience using them. We hope you find their impressions helpful. Here are a couple other reminders: you can download the most...

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2023 Supplement - 3

Small Boat 40 mm Flip-Flop Blocks Block pivots around the line axis to keep line entry height low. Harken expanded the 57 and 75 mm small boat flip-flop blocks line to include the 40 mm size. Made to pivot around the line axis, Carbo Flip-Flop blocks are ideal for keeping line close to the deck. The hinged construction allows for a variety of lead angles and strengthened bases offer sailors confidence knowing it won’t break under pressure. The sheaves run on a ball bearing system for fast trim and release under any load, and the blocks are UV-stabilized for maximum protection. All 57 mm and...

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2023 Supplement - 4

EASE WHEN YOU NEED IT. "A few of us started incorporating the Zircon bearings with the development of the GP mainsheet system on the Nacra 17 ahead of the Rio games. We’ve tested systems that were rigged with 10:1, 11:1, 12:1, even up to 14:1 purchases, which we now use on the A-Cat class. Even in light air it is still possible to ease sheets effectively. We used the commercial version of that system at the Enoshima Olympics. Since then, I’ve been using single sheave Zircon prototypes on my Exploder A-Cat and Bieker Moth. I move the test blocks around with me! I find you’re much better...

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2023 Supplement - 5

Zircon Blocks The core of the new Zircon blocks are industrial ceramic ball bearings mounted inside caged races. The cages keep these bearings apart so they don’t bunch up, touch, and stop each other. The result is a VERY free-running block with less energy lost to friction than in even our current Carbo blocks. Give an unrigged Zircon block a strong spin, and it spins an incredibly long time. Each ceramic ball is much more expensive than any other material we’ve used. So, to keep the block from getting crazy pricy, Zircon blocks employ seven balls, a fraction of what our other blocks use....

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2023 Supplement - 6

45 mm Black Magic Blocks The original Harken Black Magic Air blocks have earned their status as the performance standard among professionals who specify equipment for race and performance cruising boats. This year, we’re offering the same serviceable, machined aluminum, caged roller performance in 45 mm sheave sizes. These blocks make Black Magic the appropriate choice for lines that are adjusted often while under load: sheets, guys, halyards, runners, etc., on smaller boats. Performance figures unavailable at press time. Please consult the Harken website before purchasing. Part No. 3389...

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2023 Supplement - 7

25 mm T-Track Genoa Lead Cars We get it. Not everyone has Harken track. That’s why we made an aftermarket 25 mm T-Track pinstop car. Using this car in place of an existing genoa lead car provides ease of adjustment without the hassle and expense of replacing existing track. T-Track cars have an integral pinstop to lock the car into position. Note: T-Track genoa lead cars cannot be adjusted under load. Skimmer, Balance 760 F, 22 m (78.12'), Du Toit Yacht Design © Grant Scholtz / Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing Maximum working load lb kg Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Genoa lead...

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2023 Supplement - 8

Harken Vang-Master WATCH HARKEN VANG-MASTER VIDEO Harken Vang-Master is squeak-free. Living proof: the rigid vang that’s easier to live with, is also easier to specify, rig, and buy. Vang-Master mechanical vangs are pneumatic. Yes, they use air to hold booms up to the height you desire. Yes, they offer precise pressure adjustment to hold exactly that level. And yes, they offer owners the ability to select from a menu of external purchase systems with line pre-measured and spliced to all Harken hardware. But no, we’re sorry there will be no fluid to leak or springs to squeak all night on...

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2023 Supplement - 9

“We have a Melges 32 turboed primarily for offshore racing with a longer sprit and extended main roach. That larger main, coupled with a Harken Vang-Master and Battcar system, gives us safe and predictable boom and reefing controls for any blasting downwind offshore race.” — Jason Bemis Owner, “Peerless” Sheboygan, WI USA Description Vang-Master 1 Vang-Master 2 Vang-Master 3 Vang-Master 4 Vang-Master 5 Vang-Master 6 Vang-Master 7 Vang-Master 8

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2023 Supplement - 10

Ordering Vang-Master Standard Vang-Master rigid vangs are available for boats with vang fittings on the boom and mastbase. If your boat is not equipped with vang fittings, or if the fitting width or pin diameter will not fit jaw and pin sizes listed in the chart on the previous page, contact Harken for information on a custom vang. 1. Determine Vang Size and Create Part Number Select the proper unit size from either the boat length chart at the top of this page or from the stock applications chart at the bottom. Vang-Master sizes are based on boat sailplan and two dimensions you must...

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2023 Supplement - 11

Vang-Master Purchase Systems Systems are pre-measured, spliced and supplied with line specifically selected for the application. Description 4:1 Single-ended 40 mm Carbo 4:1 Double-ended 40 mm Carbo 6:1 Single-ended 40 mm Carbo 6:1 Double-ended 40 mm Carbo 4:1 Single-ended 57 mm Carbo 4:1 Double-ended 57 mm Carbo 6:1 Single-ended 57 mm Carbo 6:1 Double-ended 57 mm Carbo 4:1 Single-ended 75 mm Carbo 4:1 Double-ended 75 mm Carbo 6:1 Single-ended 75 mm Carbo 6:1 Double-ended 75 mm Carbo

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2023 Supplement - 12

Vang-Master Accessories Harken offers Vang-Master boom fittings, mast fittings and pumps to accompany the vangs. The stainless-steel fittings can be easily mounted, pivoting like a hinge to fit the mast. Sturdy hardware fits the boom appropriately for easy Vang-Master connection. Lezyne stand-up and hand-held pumps fit naturally to the Vang-Master Schrader valve, helping adjust boom height and resistance level. F ROUNDED BASE BOOM FITTINGS FLAT BASE BOOM FITTINGS PIVOTING MAST FITTINGS PUMPS Fastener No. of Size Fasteners in mm Rounded base boom fitting — units 1 & 2 Rounded base boom fitting...

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