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Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction shipbuilding division Always Moving Forward 233, Taejong-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, Korea tel. +82 51 410-3246 fax. +82 51 410-8465 e-mail. (Ship Sales) tel. +82 2 450-8094 fax. +82 2 450-8116 www. hanjinsc. com shipbuilding division 4, Hangang-daero 71-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

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1 Introduction Opening a new era Pursuing challenges constantly Growing with society Creating value 16 Long tradition of firsts Corporate profile Corporate history Vision & strategy 23 Business overview Shipyards - Subic shipyard - Yuldo factory / Dadaepo factory Major products - Products list Yeongdo shipyard Container Carriers - Bulk Carriers - Special Purpose Ships - Naval Ships - Offshore Patrol / Salvage Vessels Research & development Prodution technologies 54 Respect and sharing Social contribution

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TIMELINE OF FIRSTS THAT OPENED NEW CHAPTERS IN SHIPBUILDING 1938 Built Korea's first steel ship Built Korea's first ship for export 1972 built Korea's first patrol ship and large vessel 1974 built Korea's first 30,000 ton large vessel for export 1977 built Korea's first oil prospecting ship and ro-ro carrier built Korea's first reefer vessel, Asia's first hovercraft 1995 built Asia's first membrane-type LNG carrier built the world's largest container ship (5,000 TEu) REACHING NEW HEIGHTS WITH HISTORIC FIRSTS Walking the untrodden path or starting something never before attempted is clearly...

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Innovative speed management translating into real results Subic Shipyard : Completed first phase construction in 18 months Underwater stern mounting method : Number of stern-area mountings is reduced from 14 to 5 LOL (Lifting Off Launch) : Cuts the launch period of a vessel by 80% Vertical automatic welding method : Cuts welding time by 10 times Reshaping the way we think We overcame spatial constraints by using dams to build ships that are larger than dock size, skid system to shorten the dock working period, and underwater stern mounting method to surmount time limits. We built a massive...

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Jul. 1954 Acquired Korea’s first Lloyd’s Register certification Feb. 1984 Acquired world’s first DNV (Det Norske Veritas) certification in hull and painting Nov. 1993 Acquired ISO 9001, KS A 9001 certification in all areas of shipbuilding from DNV Feb. 2002 Acquired patent from Korean Intellectual Property Office for SKID system (Patent No. 0328309) aspiring for the world’s highest quality ships Since our founding, our objective has been to produce ships of the highest quality. Backed by our 80-year tradition and craftsmanship, we practice meticulous quality control across all facets of...

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Building trust through constant dedication Gaining the trust and respect of customers and other stakeholders is a more difficult task than landing more orders or developing advanced technologies and shipbuilding methods. We lend support to allow all our employees to realize their full potential and carry out a wide range of social contribution activities for the betterment of global communities. Led by our unyielding dedication, we are moving ever closer to becoming a global enterprise admired and trusted by all stakeholders around the world. Major social contribution activities -...

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Creating new value by thinking out of the box Most people said it was an impossible task given the adverse climate, weak infrastructure, and insufficient pool of engineers and technicians. However, we had faith that we would succeed. Thanks to our creativity to think out of the box, insight to look into the future and strong execution ability, we are successfully operating an international-size shipyard in Subic Bay of the Philippines which we completed ahead of schedule. We will continue to write more success stories with bold ideas and new value creation. Hanjin Heavy Industries &...

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We are leading change with enduring passion and constant innovation Timeline of Subic Shipyard, the culmination of MANAGEMENT FOR CREATION 2006 Feb. Established Philippines subsidiary (HHIC-Phil Inc.) 2007 Mar. Began production Dec. Completion of Subic Shipyard Phase 1 2008 May. Trial run of the first vessel out of Subic Shipyard Jul. Christening and delivery of first vessel out of Subic Shipyard Dec. Completion of Subic Shipyard Phase 2 We have continued to lead change. We have achieved many “firsts” with our pioneering spirit and took on bold challenges to overcome spatial and time...

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CORPORATE PROFILE LONG TRADITION OF FIRSTS Based on our global production system, we will reinforce our ability to build high value-added vessels and develop innovative techniques and building methods to emerge as a global technology leader. We are making the transition from “Korea’s starting point for shipbuilding” to the “center of the global shipbuilding industry” Builder of world leading ships Founded in 1937 as the first steel ship builder in Korea, Hanjin Heavy industries and Construction (HHIC) has spearheaded advances in the shipbuilding industry and contributed to shaping Korea...

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Corporate history The founding of Korea’s first shipbuilding company in July 1937, a time when both capital and technology were lack- ing, sowed the seeds of aspiration to foster a shipbuilding Starting point of Korea’s powerhouse. However, in just one year since establishment, shipbuilding industry the company constructed two 3,000-ton building berths and one 6,000-ton dock, laying the framework for a shipyard that can build steel ships. In November 1938, Chosun Heavy succeeded in manufacturing Korea’s first steel cargo ship (390-ton). A journey in creativity that has led Korea’s...

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We are building a 2.3 million square meter shipyard boast- cility to a 60,000-ton dock; newly built a hull shop, oxygen Growth phase plant, and large assembly yard; and lengthened quay wall 2. Take-off phase Zone. By linking the shipyard with our R&D center in Busan, Rapid growth through Our long record of firsts brought us recognition for our su- A leap towards becoming a we plan to concentrate on developing new technologies and perior technology; we built Korea’s first oil prospecting ship world leading ship designs as we make the transition from “Korea’s start- large vessels in 1977,...

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