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;'t-~~Af;i'Fl988:$, '.!£t~l00:$1tJH-§-;~J~WL, lff:,UH@ttlft:fi~a:$11::~o ;'t-~)~i~Jfl,+Egii;IJ;J;/1,+Si~ffi-55+{~~55+lt~;,s:W)~~ ~g{~i!J:15~, ~~%'.@:l:Jt$JJ;, ,1'~79'.@:I'j(fj',g:p 1t.9:!i:f f' o~ o ;'t-~'.!£1'~"~~1-t.~~g1t, '.@:It1t" ~Jll:1M,i!1:tff"s'~gI1, ~~gf'o~, ~~g~~%,~~Ht~t, ~~g)\;t~I~4.01Jz*B~ii.¥.Jr~@.fflo ;1'~~ ~g{~i!J15~l~{#ill'J ! Established in 1988, JIE has been insisting on manufacturing a great reducer in 100 years, aiming to build a century-old enterpriffi wrth its craftsmanship. JIE serves global marketwrth intelligent drwe solutions incl. gear unrts, motors, inverters, sensors and Internet of Things. JIE is commrtted to providing great products for great partners across the world With the core strategy of"Specialization, Intelligence and Global~ation", JI E is dedicated to the innovation and application of industry 4.0 technologies incl. intelligent plants, intelligent products, intelligent services, intelligent experiences, intelligent talents, etc. JIE, a provider of Intelligent Drive Solutionsl Add: qi OO+JtHl~LiJ · +Jt1'1'12;~fi )1f!Z · ~~i~1 ~ ~flil: 311223 No.1, JIE Road, Hangzhou Airport Economic Zone, Xiaoshan, 311223, Hangzhou, P.R. China JRP fT~is~ffi JRP Planetary Gear Units Add : 493 Mission St. Carol Stream IL80188 USA E-mall: info@jie-drives.com .llf W!l;- 1 (~lf~-ft!:¥-:20:20- L-01077078 }Lt$.~ 1 J IEC - 06C · :20:20A · 3000 ~~~~.$~~n~8ij~~~,.aF 8~oo~. efflm~™TF8~~- ~~ - 1tw.~~- e'l!.OO~- ~~-~*mr.~~*- s~~* llfi!HZ>tltilHU<" lQF-1< , l\!ll!;<, ~~~•Olil'l', ;!;~~a$oi~~F8Q~Rll)jiit~*· f!:>i~"lQF-1<, *1tlf"f, ~ fi!UJ, i,i;,tlillll!

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JRP Catalog - 3

im?,1:-;tl::I Excellence From Expertise

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JRP Catalog - 4

JRP fi~-®$~ffi JRP Planetary Gear Units Selection Guide Product Pictures Product Description JRP 01-8 Series Planetary Gear Units JRP 9-36 Series Planetary Gear Units JRPH Planetary Gear Units JIE Drive Product Catalogue

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JRP Catalog - 5

im~t±l Excellence From Expertise Selection Guide Select JIE Drive product WIJ: J RP.. Nfi~l&~:lil, JRP.. S!i'fiii!i-fi~l&~:lil, JRP L .. ffij'.,:~- fi ~ l&~m' J RP.. KJ!Bi:ii!i- !i'fi~- fi ~ l&~m Wia,\l!.o Example: Pick the right model,JRP.. N planetary gear units, JRP.. S parallel shaft planetary gear units, JRP.. L Bevel helical p lanetary gear units, J RP.. K bevel helical - parallel shaft planetary gear units. Enter current product brand Example: JIE Drive or competitors. Enter current product specifications Example: JRP planetary gear units, size 9-36, ratio 25-4000, input power 0.4~...

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JRP Catalog - 6

JRP fi~-®$~ffi JRP Planetary Gear Units 5. ~f.ix~~iF~2D/3D00 Generate 2D/3D drawing of JIE products

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JRP Catalog - 7

im~t±l Excellence From Expertise =· F~l!IJ::t Product Pictures JRP... 01-8

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JRP Catalog - 8

JRP fi~-®$~ffi JRP Planetary Gear Units =-F~i.~B~ Product Description □ 1 • I:::0: 00 11#- '-'I::, JI,.:!; ~ I.I. F.lt.1'1,," Product Characteristics ?.\'iAA!J RPfi~ t!HHfi ' J RP ..Nfi ~ t!Htffi' J RP .. S5¥-fi~- fi~ t;r$t.' J RP .. L1i x~- fi ~ t;r$tffi' J RP .. K1i x~ - 5¥-fi$ill- fi ~ t;r$t -~~~UIJF~ o ?.\'i~RPfi~ffi*• · • M ~ • r ~ •~~~ttto~mmmffiA~r•tt~•~~. **ffiA~r-•~•tt I ?.\'iAA!J RPfi~ffi$tffi , ~fJlHU1dtto•tt:1-ti9:it!I~ , ~ * j1 Jr~~~AD2ffi~ 1L'$iHSA:t-t r:l , AD Mffii!~~ 'L' $ill.At-tr:J' IECEtlAJlSA:t-tr:J ' AffiW!~:C!-tiHU~ , Bffi~ 1L'~• tl:Hl±~, Cffiftm~ 1L' ~•tl:HU~ ,...

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JRP Catalog - 9

im~t±l Excellence From Expertise 2. -~~i)tSf.l General Information Attention! lllustiations are examples only and not structly bind ing . JIE reserves the ringht to change the dimensions • The default unit size in the manual is mm. • The weights are average values and not strictly bind ing . ffi~~~-~~$ttffl ftm ~ Pff tf. ~ *;fll±fu ~ 1¥J ~:iJ.\\!m 133 Wg.iin:tm • To prevent the accidents.all rotanting parts should be guarded according to local and national safety regu lations and be protected by cover. Prior to caommissioning,the operating instructions must m~e~~*~fi~~. ~fiM•~•£~e be...

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JRP Catalog - 10

JRP fi~-®$ JRP Planetary Gear Units ~ffi 3. ~*~~tttfJ£ Summary of Basic Types WH~fi£t!Ht A= i/ll't'gj~:ffi:(t-j:£,L' ~~ tll / Hollow Shaft Output With Shrin k Disk B = i/ll'~t}t(t-j~,L'~lilitll / Solid Shaft Output With Fla t Key. C =i/ll''A/iH~:/tt}t(t-]:£,L' ~¼lfritll I Hol low Shaft Output With Involute Spline D=i/ll''A/iH~:/tt}t(t-]~,l'.,, ~tljij tll / Solid Shaft Output With Involute Spline N = fj;)i ( lal~'it ) / Standard (coaxia l) S = ~fi$ill- fr~ /One stage Helical gear panall shaft L = .a:IZ~-fi~ /One stage Bevel gear rectargblar shaft K = .a:IZ~-~fi$ill-n~ /One stage Bevel -...

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JRP Catalog - 11

im~t±l Excellence From Expertise 3 Stages Planetary un it A= {lH~~:Ji(t-J~,i:,, !i!!l~tll I Hol low Shaf t Output Wit h Shrink Disk B = 'lWSJZmrt-J~,i:,, !i!!l~tll / So lid Shaf t Output With Flat Key. C = '1W;/gi1HlHt:mrt-J~,i:,, !i!!l~tll I Hollow Shaft O utput With Involute Spline D=,:W;/gi;ff~:/tmB"J~,i:,, !i!!l~ tfj / Sol id Shaft O utput With Involute Spline N = ;tr-)t ( Fal!i!!l"it ) / Standard (coax ial) = SJZrr!i!!l-rr£ / He lical gear stage > - - - - - K = 1tX:!i!!l- SJZrr!i!!l - rr£/ Bevel - helical gear st age >--- - - - - = rr~ §$tW.~ I Number of planetary g ea r st ages > - -...

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JRP Catalog - 12

JRP fi~-®$~ffi JRP Planetary Gear Units 1. Model Description 2. Symbol Description 3. Service Coefficient 4 . Radial and Axial Loads Selection In struction 5. Therma l Power PT[kW] 6. Selection Description 7 . Specification & Torque 8. Dimensions & Weight 9. Output Shaft Dimension 10. Input Shaft Dimension 11. Installation 12. Torque Arm 13 . Lubricant Oil 14 . Add - on Pieces 15.Oil Leve l of Gearunit 16. Oil Quan tity 17. Mounting Positi

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JRP Catalog - 13

im~t±l Excellence From Expertise B-*+tltft-J :il:;,t,,~lll, HJ C- i/!J;~:rH!Httlt if-J ~,t,,~~ HJ D-*;$Ji:IHJt:/tiltft-J :il:;,i,,~tlri HJ Enterprise Code Product Code No.of planetary Type of planetary gear Output shaft design N -Standard(coaxial) S-Helical gear stage L- Bevel gear stage K-Bevel-helical gear stage A-Hollow Shaft Output with Shrink Disc B-Solid Shaft Output with Flat Key C-Hollow Shaft Output with Involute Spline D- Solid Shaft Output with Involute Spline Mounting positions Add-on Pieces

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