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SMP_2012 - 1

SOLUTIONS FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT WASTE WATER TREATMENT High Quality sewage treatment plants Certified according to THE ORIGINAL SUPER MINI PLUS THE ULTIMATE ANSWER AND SOLUTION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS & OUR BELIEF IN A CLEANER, GREENER TOMORROW. Treats waste water produced by up to 15 persons Exceptionally simple, no sieves, no odour, no clogging Extremely small, compact and very low in weight (LWH: 900x530x730mm, 73kg) Tolerates salinity changes and hard detergents Simple plug & play installation and start-up Fully automatic system

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SMP_2012 - 2

THE ORIGINAL SUPER MINI PLUS - Waste Water Treatment according to MEPC 159(55) SUPER MINI PLUS FLOW-DIAGRAM Scope of supply 001 SEDIMENTATION TANK 30L 002 REACTION & DISCHARGE TANK 65L 003 TRANSFER PUMP 004 CHLORINE DOSING 005 PROCESS WATER PUMP 006 MACERATOR PUMP 007 MOTOR DRIVEN 3-WAY VALVE 008 WHIRLCONTAINER HOW IT WORKS: While sewage is being collected in a holding tank, it can solids into very small pieces. Through the high turbu- be transferred with a transfer pump at regular intervals lence, together with air and chlorine, the sewage will be and specific volumes to the Super Mini...

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