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SOLUTIONS FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT WASTE WATER TREATMENT High Quality sewage treatment plants Certified according to HL-Cont PLUS 02 Slim This plant treats 5.200 L/d black & grey water ► Easy operation and low costs guaranteed

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Waste Water Treatment according to MEPC 159 (55) HL-Cont PLUS 02 Slim Flow Diagram Feeding pump Multiphase pump Expansion valve Effluent pump Flotation tank Sludge pump Electrical Consumption The HL-Cont PLUS Slim is working without any The physical process is combining micro flota- tion with ultraviolet light disinfection. The coll- ected sewage water will be transferred from the ships sewage tank via the feeding pump (002) and through the macerator (001) into the flotation tank (007). At the same time the multi- phase pump (003) is enriching the macerated sewage water with oxygenated...

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