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SOLUTIONS FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT SEWAGE TREATMENT High Quality sewage treatment plants Certified according to MEPC 227 (64)* *without special areas HL-CONT Plus ► High flow rate ► Small foot print ► Small holding tank requirements ► No blocking or clogging of filters & membranes ferJerU Ministry liy Llir tii'i inun Hwidnlag

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The process/technical description of the HL CONT PLUS is based on physical-biological treatment: ► Dissolved air flotation for the reduction of TSS, BOD and COD Feeding pump Flotation valve Flocculent Expansion tank Treated water All sewage needs to be collected in one ship´s holding tank. Depending on the calculated load and number of persons the tank must have a sufficient size as the working volume between high level and stop plant is one important issue for the HL CONT PLUS. Capacity [litre/day] Persons onboard calculated with 135 l / day Persons onboard calculated with 180 l / day...

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