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SOLUTIONS FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT WASTE WATER TREATMENT High Quali ty sewage treatment pla nts Cert ified according to Easy operation Automatic cleaning High flow rate Small foot print Small holding tank requirements No blocking or clogging of filters & membranes

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The process/technical description of the HL Cont’s PLUS is based on physical-biological treatment: ► Microflotation, also known as “white water filtration” combined with flocculent for the reduction of TSS, BOD and COD Fixed bed reactor for BOD and COD reduction Feeding pump Flotation valve Flocculent Expansion tank Treated water All sewage needs to be collected in one ship´s holding tank. Depending on the calculated load and number of persons the tank must have a sufficient size as the working volume between high level and stop plant is one important issue for the HL Cont PLUS. HL-Cont...

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