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SOLUTIONS FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT HL-ROS SERIES FRESH WATER MAKERS FROM 3 TON/DAY UP TO 48 TON/DAY • Utilizes latest generation TFC® membranes • High pressure axial piston pump, low pulsation, works without lubricating oil • Variable frequency drive • Designed for 24 hour constant operation • Small footprints and additional space saving through variable positioning of membranes • Standard features include chemical cleaning fittings and prefiltration filters • Automatic fresh water flush with integrated dechlorination filter • Semi automatic operation PLC controlled • Corrosion resistant frame and components

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HL-ROS SERIES FRESH WATER MAKERS FROM 3 TON/DAY UP TO 48 TON/DAY HL-ROS FLOW DIAGRAM 1. Fresh water from Hydrophore system 5. Bag filter 200um (option) 9. Product-water to freshwater tank 13. Concentrate overboard 2. Carbon filter 6. Cleaning tank (separate installation) 10. Regulation valve Concentrate flow 3. Filter 3 um 7. Seawaterpump 11. RO Membrane system 4. Bag filter 25 um 8. Seawater inlet 12. High pressure pump PROCESS DESCRIPTION The standard Reverse Osmosis plant is designed as a sin- gle stage, single pass desalination plant, utilizing the latest generation TFC° membranes. The...

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