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Riffe 2014 - 2

All divers should protect the waters they swim & hunt in so that future divers may experience the excitement and joy I had during the past 67 years of diving the world. Selective divers set their sites on only those few prize fish for consumption. Be selective, fish for the future. My goal is to produce only the best diving equipment capable of handling any condition. Always come prepared. Jay Riffe Founder / President RIFFE International, Inc. Producing world class Spearfishing & Freediving equipment since 1979

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Riffe 2014 - 3

SPEARGUNS 1-17 METAL TECH ACCESSORIES 18 POLE SPEARS 19-22 SPEARSHAFTS, TIPS, & SLIDE RINGS 23-26 REELS & LINE 27-28 SPEARGUN KITS 29-30 SPEARGUN PARTS & ACCESSORIES 31-34 POWER BANDS 35 SHOOTING LINE & CRIMPS 36 KNIVES 37-38 FLOAT SYSTEMS & ACCESSORIES 39-42 MASKS & SNORKELS 43-52 FINS 53 FIN SOCKS & GLOVES 54 WETSUITS & LYCRAS 55-58 GEAR BAGS 59 APPAREL 60 RIFFE TEAM: Cameron Kirkconnell Mark Healey Kimi Werner Brandon Wahlers Michael Takach Jessie Cripps Craig Clasen Richard Balta Ryan Moore Diego Santiago Tim McDonald Julie Riffe Photos by: DJ Struntz Michael Takach Jessie Cripps...

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Riffe 2014 - 4

COMPETITOR TEAK SERIES spearguns are designed for both entry-level and advanced divers, most suitable for hunting around reefs, holes, and bottom diving. Models C3S, C3XS, C4S and C4XS have blue water hunting capabilities with proper upgrades. COMPETITOR X models feature a 3” (7.5cm) rear stock extension for ease of loading on the hip. The Competitor Series has 3 teak laminates, with exception of models C4 & C4X with 4 laminates for added strength. A Rest tab may be added for ease of loading and lower power shooting around rocks. RIFFE COMPETITOR SERIES FEATURES: Hawaiian & Standard setups...

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Riffe 2014 - 5

COMPETITOR PADAUK SERIES spearguns are an exact replica of our famous Competitor Teak Series with exception of the wood. We have replaced the teak stock with an African hardwood, commonly known as Padauk. When using a dense, straight grain hardwood such as Padauk we are able to produce the speargun barrels by eliminating the lamination process and maintain straightness. PADAUK X models feature a 5” (12.7cm) rear stock extension for ease of hip loading. 2” (5cm) longer than teak models Similar to the Competitor Series, the Padauk Series was designed for entrylevel and advanced divers, most...

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Riffe 2014 - 6

STANDARD SERIES spearguns are designed for all skill levels and dive conditions. Hand crafted with a heavy-duty 4 laminate teak stock. Each model features a 3” (7.5cm) rear stock extension for ease of hip loading. Models #3, #4 and #5 are suitable for blue water hunting. Featuring the new upgraded side mounted spring loaded safety and Heavy-duty reinforced glass filled Nylon handle with over molded cushion grip. RIFFE STANDARD SERIES FEATURES: • • • • • • Heavy-duty 4 laminate teak stock with side machined grooves for ease of handling 5/16” (8mm) threaded shaft with large replaceable...

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Riffe 2014 - 7

Recommend using two hands for larger models to reduce recoil for accurate shooting. Models #H and larger are spearguns of choice for the serious Blue Water hunters who pursue the large open water pelagic fish. MID-HANDLE SERIES spearguns offer more maneuverability See pages 9-10 for detailed images of #WX Blue Water Express & #WE Blue Water Elite speargun models. The Mid Handle models are the most desirable for close bottom and Blue Water hunters alike. when tracking game. Primarily a stomach loading speargun (Optional Rest tab for hip loading). RIFFE MID-HANDLE SERIES FEATURES: • • •...

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Riffe 2014 - 8

Blue Water Elite R-1060 Blue Water Express R-1055 RIFFE Blue Water speargun modified to be the ultimate blue water gun for landing world record pelagic fish. Evenly balanced and designed to support the power bands in a parallel plain for maximum power. This design was inspired by RIFFE Team member Brandon Wahlers and proven by his limitless massive dogtooth tuna captured using this gun. This model is the latest blue water speargun design and has become the #1 choice for those sought after world record catches. RIFFE Blue Water Speargun with added Front Padauk Stabilizer Wings in combination...

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Riffe 2014 - 9

EURO SERIES spearguns are designed for all level E-55 of divers. Featuring the Mag-Track (patent pending) which offers a faster shaft engagement and may be used for free shafting. RIFFE’s new low-profile designs are made with 5 vertical laminated teak strips and bolted front muzzle for added strength. EURO X SERIES spearguns feature a 5” (12.5cm) rear stock extension for ease of loading on the hip and aids in faster swinging; Euro 90X, 100X, 110X, and 120X. The Euro Series gun barrels are manufactured in a rectangular shape with radius corners for maximum beam strength. All models come...

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Riffe 2014 - 10

EURO TRAVELER GUN A uniquely designed Euro Traveler speargun and spearshaft that breaks down for travel. Each section of the speargun has a matching rod and sleeve assembly which is inserted using Epoxy and machined with a close tolerance fit to eliminate any unwanted movement. The support plate and stainless steel threaded inserts (10-24 SS Screws) holds the sections together to ensure a close fit. The 9/32” (7.1mm) spearshaft has been threaded and taped so that both ends make up the spearshaft length needed to fit each model. Available in three models: E-55 32” (81cm) - (2) 16” (41cm)...

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Riffe 2014 - 11

METAL TECH SERIES are the speaguns of choice for Scuba Divers wanting a mid-handle type speargun in severe conditions. Larger models are the preferred choice for blue water hunting. The setup and shape is similar to our teak Mid-Handle Series with exception of its uniquely designed heavy-duty, heat treated aluminum extruded gun barrel offering zero deflection with maximum power. Rear Handle Metal Tech Models MTR-4 and MTR-5 feature a low-profile barrel to increase flotation and ease of swinging through the water. RIFFE Metal Tech spearguns have an added silencer in the line release and a...

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