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Carbon gangways and steering wheels


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Carbon gangways and steering wheels - 1


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Carbon gangways and steering wheels - 2

Foldable Torsion free Ultra-slim Aluminium acid Integrated Integrated construction design free hinges wheels aluminium male fitting GS Composite carbon gangways are a leap forward in nautical accessory design and are the first gangways manufactured by the VARTM system. Their extraordinary design, technological innovation and practical value launched GS Composite carbon gangways into the top tier of nautical equipment manufacturers and are now a must-have aftermarket accessory. GS Composite provide a complete range of models and styles, with fixture/fitting options, custom colours, and teak...

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Carbon gangways and steering wheels - 3

THREE SECTIONS Technical details Type: foldable, three section Torsion free Anti-slip thread with custom Acid resistant The all-new and innovative three section carbon gangway is designed to be used either as a foldable gangway in 260cm length, or can be quickly and easily extended to its full length of320cm. The versatile nature of this gangway assures that it can be used in many different situations. With a width of 45cm and optional stanchion attached, the gangway provides a safe boarding platform even for boats over 50-foot. With this three-section innovation, GS Composite created a new...

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Carbon gangways and steering wheels - 4

Technical details Monocoque technology Type: 4 spoke ultra-slim CLASSIC wheel Carbon finish Custom color Technical details Monocoque technology Type: 3 Y spoke performance RACE wheel No bonding Perfect fit Custom technology Al/lnox hub engraving Using the technologies acquired over many years of testing and development, GS Composite began production of carbon steering wheels using No bonding technology. GS Composite steering wheels are made as one part and are IMC certificated (International Marine Certification Institute), WFCAP001/2 accordance with ISO 8848. To match the varying...

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Carbon gangways and steering wheels - 5

Safety female fitting stainless steel Mirror female fitting stainless steel Safety catch - turns foldable Carbon / stainless steel stanchions Carefully designed GS Composite accessories make these gangways even more versatile. Extremely durable bags protect gangways, and yachts, from scratches even when stored in a lower deck or locker among other equipment. Three different female stainless steel fittings assure a proper and safe fixture on varying boats. For even safer way to board, the gangways can be equipped with lightweight carbon stanchions on left or right side. All gangways can be...

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Carbon gangways and steering wheels - 6

GS Composite's special anti-slip thread not only provides a safe way to board, especially when wet, but also allows to make the gangway very unique. Available in light grey/white color, and made from polyurethane with a small rubber parts, the gangways can be personalized with a boat's name, logo, etc. To provide a perfect colour match with boat. Full carbon models are available in any colour from RAL chart. All gangways can be upgraded with teak orflexiteek to match a boat's decking and provide aesthetic and anti-slip performance. No special maintenance is required on any of anti-slip...

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