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Concept: THERMOPURE-2 is a Type-1 MSD, which means that it may be installed aboard uninspected vessels less than 65-feet in length for the purpose of treatment and direct overboard discharge of waste from toilets. treatment is accomplished by macerating the waste while it is in the holding tank, and then pumping it through a separate treatment chamber where sufficient low level heat is introduced to eliminate bacteria. No chemicals or additives are required, and operation is equally efficient in fresh, brackish, or salt water. The effluent is free from harmful bacteria and visible solids, and is in complete compliance with current type-1 msd requirements. the vessel owner need only monitor system level, and apply AO power (through the vessel’s generator or via a shore power connection). All system functions and operation are completely automatic. Treatment Capacity: There is no exact answer to the question: How long does it take to treat a flush? Treatment time and capacity will vary with flush water temperature and volume. Installations where flush water temperature reaches 80oF or higher may realize a treatment capacity as high as 60 gallons per 8-hour day. Significantly colder flush water will result in reduced treatment capacity as low as 40 gallons per 8-hour day. In a typical example with 65oF flush water THERMOPURE-2® has a peak-load treatment capacity of 46 gallons per 8-hour day. Warm-up time (measured from the time when AO power is first applied to when the system is ready to treat and discharge) is approximately 6 minutes. Consult the factory if greater treatment capacity is needed. Power Consumption: THERMOPURE-2® requires both AO and DO power. The AO circuit requires 15 amps of power for about 6 minutes to reach treatment temperature, after which maceration, treatment and discharge begins. The DO circuit requires 16 amps of power for the short time during which the pump is running. When the pump is not running, only the control circuit is operating, which draws approximately 150mA. The following values represent power consumption in an 8-hour day. ■ The maximum efficient operating angle of the MSD is 30o. ■ The holding tank should be at the same level as the treatment chamber. If this is not possible, or if significant heeling is anticipated (as with sailboats), GROOO® HVL-750 3/4" Vented Loop (not supplied) is required between the holding tank and the treatment chamber, and must be installed at least 12" higher than the top of the treatment chamber. ■ The treatment chamber and holding tank may be installed below the waterline, but in this case the vented loops between the toilet(s) and the holding tank, and the treatment chamber and the discharge seacock, must be at least 12" above the waterline. Consider the effects of vessel heeling in locating the vented loops. ■ Recommended clearance above the top of the holding tank is 12"; recommended clearance above the top of the treatment chamber is 6". Holding Tank: ■ Place the holding tank with the toilet inlet fitting on the most convenient side for plumbing connections convenience. ■ Secure the mount straps across the tank top. Fasten the hold-down brackets securely to the floor. Treatment Chamber: ■ In a location not more than 10-feet from the holding tank, fasten the treatment chamber to the floor with (4) 1/4" stainless steel bolts and flat washers (not supplied). ■ THERMOPURE-2® treatment chamber may be installed on its back (display panel facing up) to conserve space if desired. Operator Panel: ■ The Operator Panel may be mounted anywhere monitoring of the MSD is desired. A 25-foot cable is supplied for connecting the Operator Panel to the Treatment Module. The panel fits into a 3" x 2" wall cut-out, and requires 1-1/2" clearance behind the wall. Sweettank™: ■ THERMOPURE-2® includes Sweetank™, a patent-pending odor neutralization system. Separate instructions are included for Sweetank™. Installation Notes (Figure-1): ■ THERMOPURE-2® is modular. Plumbing and electrical connections are made between the holding tank and the treatment chamber, which may be up to ten feet apart. ■ The treatment chamber may installed horizontally, with the control panel facing up. This installation option may simplify plumbing connections and save several inches in the height required for this component. For service assistance/information call 410.604.3800 and ask for MSD Service Department. After hours, go to www.g

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Thermopure-2 Waste Treatment System Installation, Operation, and Maintenance_ Plumbing Notes (Figure-2): ■ Vented loops and hoses to and from THERMOPURE-2® are to be installed under the premise that the treatment chamber must remain wetted. ■ Avoid running plumbing lines above electronics. ■ Secure plumbing connections are essential for safe odor-free operation. Double-clamp all hose connections and use Teflon thread tape on all pipe connections. ■ To prevent plumbing-related odors, use only hose which is specifically intended for use with sanitation systems, or use rigid PVC pipe. ■ It is...

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Thermopure-2 Waste Treatment SystemInstallation, Operation, and Maintenance_ ELECTRICAL Continued from previous page cables 25-foot cable (Operator Panel to Holding Tank): The holding tank-to-operator panel connection is made with the 25-foot cable assembly supplied. Fasten the end with the pre-fitted connector to the holding tank jack marked "operator Panel". the other end of the cable has nine (9) wires which are to be securely fastened to the clamp-type terminal block on the back of the operator panel in strict observance of the color coding sequence indicated in Figure-3. 10-foot cable...

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Thermopure-2 Waste Treatment SystemInstallation, Operation, and Maintenance_ EMERGENCY DISCHARGE It is illegal to discharge untreated waste. Utilize the Emergency Discharge feature only when beyond the “three-mile limit” or in extreme emergency. The Emergency Discharge push button is located on the treatment chamber panel. winter operation and storage Winter Operation: Freezing will damage your Holding Tank and Treatment Chamber. If you will be using THERMOPURE-2® in subfreezing conditions it is imperative to maintain Ac power to the system at all times to prevent the treatment chamber...

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