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^GreenSlar Marine’ Electric propulsion since 1999 MANUAL for operation, installation and service

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4. Installation of the drive line 6 4.3. Motor - Preparation phase 7 4.4. Stern tube - final phase 8 4.5. Axle bearing and bearing lock 9 4.6. Motor - final phase 9 4.10. Propeller - final phase 11 5.3. Right placement of cable connectors, washers and nuts 14 5.4. Peripherical devices connected to CCB 14 6.1. System Startup Guide 18 6.3. Shore Power system 30 6.4. GreenStar charging unit 30 6.6. Propeller - GreenStar foldprop 32

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E-line Manual Version 2 1. Introduction Thank you for choosing to buy a GreenStar electric propulsion system for your boat. We are convinced that you will be extremely satisfied! This manual will guide you through the installation and use of your electric propulsion system. Please contact us or a qualified professional if you are unsure about any point. Please note that the warranty does not cover damage resulting from incorrect connection or any other procedure that is not in accordance with this manual. For more information, read the section entitled “Activating the warranty”. GreenStar...

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E-line Manual Version 2 Folding Manufactured and customised for us by Flexofold. Prepared for our sacrificial anodes. Design optimised for both our existing stern tubes and stern tubes already on the market. Offering significantly lower friction than traditional bearings. Able to be run dry on land e.g. when conducting system functionality checks prior to launching. Standard For fully integrated propeller shafts or suspended shafts with fixed propellers. Cone For suspended propeller shafts with folding propellers. The hydrodynamic design makes the propeller more efficient when running and...

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E-line Manual Version 2 3. Activating the warranty The warranty for your GreenStar electric propulsion system is valid upon presentation of a warranty certificate issued by us. You will receive your warranty certificate once we have approved your installation. For the installation to be approved, it must either be performed by a partner authorised by us or we must be able to check and approve your installation in accordance with our control questions. If you decide to install your electric propulsion system yourself, you must document and photograph the installation in accordance with the...

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E-line Manual Version 2 Installation of the drive line With the drive line we mean all the parts from the propeller to the motor. When the installation is ready, all these parts work as one unit. To get a good result it is therefore important to really think through the system and it´s components before installation. We here give only hints on how an installation can be done, but it is upp to you as a customer to make sure the installation is done propperly for just your boat. If you are not sure, please contact us or another specialist! Please handle all parts with care, for example the...

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E-line Manual Version 2 Stern tube Here it is the same thinking both with or without cone on the tube. Stern tube support The support shall be placed so that it gets as far back as possible, normally just before the cone starts. If there is enough space we recommend to fix the stern tube even on the inside, for example with a small bulkhead. Stern tube angle The angle should be as little as possible as vibrations get more the more the angle is. ≤15˚ To know exact where to drill the hole in the boat bottom is often a bit tricky. If you are not sure these following steps might help you: 1....

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E-line Manual Version 2 Motor brackets can be angled from -15deg to + 15deg Soft insulators isolate the engine from the hull and prevent it from noise and vibration. They can be used for height adjustment, and to some extent also angle. 1. Place the motor in its approximate position and adjust the height and angle of the motor so that it is more or less as it should be. 2. Take the coupling and secure it provisionally to the motor. 3. Thread the propeller axle into the stern tube. 4. Place the axle pack as intended through the hole in the keel of the boat and further into the coupling. 5....

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E-line Manual Version 2 Axle bearing and bearing lock If you have a stern tube with a cone, the bearing is already fitted and locked into place as it should be, so you can skip this section. If you have a stern tube without a cone, there are two different methods: bearing lock using a cup or using a screw. Whichever method you choose, it is important that the bearing’s water and air ducts are vertical as shown in the above photos. Locking bearing using cup 1. Place the bearing into position. Make sure that it has a support in front. 2. Secure the bearing lock as shown in the above photo....

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E-line Manual Version 2 Propeller axle Axle seal It is now time to trim the propeller axle to the desired length. 1. Secure the propeller body loosely to the axle. Check that it is sitting correctly on the axle’s cone and that it has bottomed. 2. Insert the shaft as far as possible into the coupling. 3. Measure the distance between the sacrificial anode’s mounting bolts and the bearing lock’s screw heads. Make a note of this distance (X). 4. Remove the axle and trim its front end X+12 mm. Remove any burrs with care. 5. Mount the drilling fixture as shown in the photo below. Drill the hole...

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E-line Manual Version 2 Axle coupling Fit the coupling as shown in the photos below. Before you start, note the correct sequence of screws, washers, etc. 1. Secure one end of the coupling and tighten the bolt very firmly. It does not matter whether you start with the motor side or the axle side. 2. Secure the other end in the same way. 4.10. Propeller - final phase Fixed propeller installation Slot wedge

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E-line Manual Version 2 On the washer, make a countersink to prevent it from rotation. Use a tool like a screwdriver and a hammer or likewise. Tapered wedge. Systems with a folding propeller are supplied with a bevelled wedge. The wedge must be fitted to the thin side on the front, with the smooth edge facing the centre of the axle. Flexofold propeller installation with GreenStar propeller tool. This tool serves as both a “handle” during installation and as a removal tool when dismantling the propeller. The material in the tool is softer than the propeller set, which means that you do not...

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