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Grand Soleil Yachts Exhibitions & Events Grand Soleil Yachts Manifesto/Values Captured worldwide Corporate Values Grand Soleil Yachts Fleet Grand Soleil Cup & Racing Pardo Yachts Manifesto/Values Pardo Fleet Pardo Yachts Collaborations VanDutch Yachts VanDutch Yachts Manifesto/Values VanDutch Yachts Fleet VanDutch Yachts Collaborations

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Company Profile 2021 - 3

Cantiere del Pardo Quality and tradition since 1973, in every single yacht there is the best of Cantiere del Pardo’s design and construction tradition. A continuous handing down of knowledge and skills, a true sense of trade, and craftsmanship capable of producing sailing boats and motorboats with a highly recognizable ‘Made in Italy’ design, without ever compromising strength and reliability. This is also thanks to a network of trusted partners able to guarantee assistance and widespread services all over the wor

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Company Profile 2021 - 5

Cantiere del Pardo is based on three values: quality and tradition, service excellence, and sustainability. Innovation is the driving force behind everything. (Driving Force) Quality and Tradition (Product) Service Excellence (People) Sustainability (Environment)

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Company Profile 2021 - 6

Quality and Tradition To venture the seas looking for quality, safety, reliability, and a trustworthy boat, Cantiere del Pardo has been responding to these key demands since 1973, with experience, skills, and innovation. Even today, it is people and their professionalism that are at the heart of achieving these objectives. Experts that combine construction processes with meticulous craftsmanship, and as a result, define the standards in the nautical sector every day. The skills inherited from a sector with a strong artisan background, together with the knowhow handed down from generation to...

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Company Profile 2021 - 7

Service Excellence We accompany our customers on a 360° transparent journey, from the selection to the customisation of their boats. We form an ever-expanding international network of business partners that can be relied on at all times. From dockside services to offshore navigation, we take care of our yacht owners because we consider them part of a family, part of a community, made up of discussions, idea sharing, and event organisation. We aim to provide consistently excellent services to our customers, in which Cantiere del Pardo is and will always be the signature and guarantor.

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Company Profile 2021 - 8

Sustainability Our goal is to establish perfect harmony with the environment in which our boats sail. For this reason, the priority of Cantiere del Pardo follows a constant strategy of reducing materials with a negative impact on ecosustainable construction processes, together with accurate control of supply chains and suppliers. Our first responsibility, as people and as a company, is the full awareness that our business is closely linked to the marine ecosystem in which allows us to pursue ourpassions every day.

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Company Profile 2021 - 9

Innovation Innovation is part of our actions and design approach. It is our professional DNA, the main driver that guides all the essential values of Cantiere del Pardo, allowing them to evolve always benefiting our customers. However, it is also a mindset linked to our daily performance. We are innovative as individuals, as a group of people, and as a company. We are also the innovation found onboard our products because our owners are the strongest incentive that motivates us to continuously strive to do better. In a virtuous cycle that produces quality, sustainably conscious choices, and...

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Company Profile 2021 - 10

More than 45 years of history Where heart and passion are blended with technology and style: the best of Made in Italy. For over 40 years Cantiere del Pardo has been one of the most prestigious and highly regarded brands producing stylish, high performance, quality, and comfortable sailing yachts.

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Company Profile 2021 - 11

Since 1973, we've built 5000 yachts Won more than 20 awards Appeared at 500 boat shows With 65 dealers across the world

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Company Profile 2021 - 12

Cantiere del Pardo has a complete range of models ranging from GS 343 to GS 52 and the “German Freers” era opens, which designs the most iconic models of all time (GS 42 / GS 45 / GS 52) nicknamed “Spaghetti Swan” because of their clear resemblance to the cousins the well-known Swedish of shipyard. Distinguishing a Swan 53 from a GS 52 was really very difficult. The shipyard started in 1973 with Grand Soleil, producing high quality sailing boats. Its first model ever was the Grand Soleil 34 Finot, many other models followed. Cantiere del Pardo entrusted Cino Ricci to produce a prototype of...

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Company Profile 2021 - 13

2016 Motor boating made it to the shipyard in 2017, when Pardo Yachts joined the family. The first model in the walkaround range was the Pardo 43. The iconic streamlined boat joins the Cantiere del Pardo group, with the acquisition of VanDutch. 2021/2022 Following the success of the open walkaround range, Pardo Yachts launches a new challenge on the market revolutionising the concept of long-range navigation: the Pardo Endurance 60. In 2022, in their attempt to always expand their product offering, the brand new GT range will shortly follow.

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Company Profile 2021 - 14

What happens in the yard, stays in the yard. The yard is where the magic happens. Since 1973, when it was founded, Cantiere del Pardo has produced more than 5000 boats. It occupies a covered 40.000 square meters surface and is split into three macro-departments: millwork, using cutting-edge technologies and processes; carpentry, based on tradition and the manual skills of its work force; and assembly, where everything is put together carefully up to final testing in the large test tank.

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Company Profile 2021 - 15

Composite & Frame The yard uses cutting-edge production processes and best materials found in the market today for the construction of the Grand Soleil Performance and Long Cruise yachts. The structure (frame) is made of Carbon & GRP composite reinforcements, glued and internally laminated to the hull to support areas of high loads such as keel, shrouds and mast, making the integrity of the entire craft extremely secure.

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