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WHAT MAKES A GRAND SOLEIL? In each Grand Soleil, the best of Cantiere del Pardo’s quality and tradition can be found. Skills and knowledge handed down from generation to generation, a true sense of trade and craftsmanship capable of producing sailing boats with a highly recognizable ‘Made in Italy’ design. Elegant, safe, and fast yachts, entrusted to a network of partners able to guarantee assistance and widespread services all over the world. Made with innovative technologies and high-quality materials, Grand Soleil yachts ensure performance for regattas, autonomous long-distance...

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IN THE HANDS OF ARTISANS from GENERATION to GENERATION The shipyard comes alive with the sounds of hard work, expertise and devotion passed down through generations. Grand Soleil prides itself on traditional shipbuilding craftsmanship, which has been perfected and adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of modern times. Now over 100 artisans are responsible for crafting the unique elements found in each Grand Soleil yacht, and above all for ensuring quality, the most appreciated value by those who choose to sail with a Grand Soleil. Ogni attività del cantiere è caratterizzata dalla passione...

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THE GRAND SOLEIL 44 the grand soleil 44 The Grand Soleil 44 is the latest challenge from Cantiere del Pardo. Designed by Matteo Polli, a designer renowned for his high-performance hull lines, this new 44-footer completes the Performance range by showing a well-balanced relationship between size and performance. During navigation maneuvers, the owner and guests can take advantage of all the necessary space, for the comfort of the interiors and for the livability of the deck. Il Grand Soleil 44 rappresenta la nuova sfida del Cantiere del Pardo: progettato da Matteo Polli, designer noto per le...

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ONE DESIGN, DUAL PURPOSE PERFORMANCE CRUISER The new Grand Soleil 44 is the perfect yacht for both cruising and racing in the IRC and ORC classes. The lines of the hull are contemporary, balanced and harmonious without sacrificing performance. Amongst the Grand Soleil 44's key characteristics is the aftward positioning of the mast, which allows for a greater sail area on the forward sail for maximizing performance in Mediterranean light air conditions. In addition, this feature means self-tacking cruising sails can be used. As already seen with the Grand Soleil 48, the Grand Soleil 44 is...

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APPENDAGES AND SAIL PLAN The Grand Soleil 44 can be set up with two different sail plans, depending on the owner's needs. The standard setup with aluminum mast is for cruising, whereas the Race version has a taller carbon mast for regatta sailings. Four keel sizes are available: the standard of 2.60 and the optional 2.40 (ORC optimization), 2.80 (IRC optimization) or 2 meters (reduced draft). smart DECK SOLUTIONS The maximum beam of over four meters guarantees excellent hull stability as well as spacious interior volumes and exterior spaces. Numerous technical solutions are integrated into...

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the luxory of comfort With the Grand Soleil 44 you can sail with a small crew independently; the ease of maneuvers makes it easily manageable. An incredible performance even for long cruises, thanks to the large volumes and the luxury of comfort. Con il Grand Soleil 44 si può navigare con un equipaggio ridotto in autonomia; la facilità delle manovre la rende facilmente gestibile. Un’incredibile performance adatta anche alle lunghe crociere, grazie agli ampi volumi e al lusso del comfort.

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PERFORMER IN SPIRIT, COMPETITIVE IN FACTS The performance layout is designed for those looking for performance and comfort, with attention to detail that allows elegance and improved navigation. Layout performance studiato per chi cerca prestazioni e comodità. L’attenzione ai dettagli conferisce eleganza e consente una migliore navigabilità. 1. Jib furler / Fiocco avvolgibile 2. Fixed Mainsheet / Punto fisso scotta randa 3. Double winch close to the helmsman / Doppio winch a portare del timoniere Bowsprit with dual function: support for the bow sails and for the positioning of the anchor /...

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A RACING SOUL The new GS 44 has a racing soul that it doesn't want to hide. The design goal was clear from the start: to create the right balance between design and performance even for less experienced owners. Tests carried out on four versions of the hull, including CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and VPP (Velocity Prediction Program) analysis have provided the best optimisation between real performance and rating. Il nuovo GS 44 ha un’anima race che non vuole nascondere. L’obiettivo progettuale è stato chiaro fin dall’inizio: creare il giusto equilibrio tra design e prestazioni anche...

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MAKE IT FAST, MAKE IT RACE 1. 6 winch layout / Layout a 6 winch 2. Oversized winch / Winch maggiorati 3. Main sail traveller / Trasto randa 4. Increased bowsprit / Delfiniera maggiorata 5. Carbon steering wheel / Timoneria in carbonio

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A I RY, L I V E A B L E , BEAUTIFUL INTERIORS The volume of the hull has been designed to offer maximum comfort. The interior spaces of the GS 44 have a sense of freedom and practicality often found in larger yachts, with a layout that guarantees privacy even with many guests on board. La volumetria dello scafo è stata progettata per offrire il massimo comfort. Gli spazi interni del GS 44 comunicano un senso di libertà e praticità degni di yacht di dimensioni superiori. Con un layout che garantisce privacy anche con molti ospiti a bordo.

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the lounge & DINETTE Comfortable, spacious space and functional: the balanced proportions of the below-deck area translate into enhanced liveability for guests. The L-shaped galley is on the left with a central dining table for eight people: on the right is a build-in sofa for three with a chart table positioned against the forward bulkhead to complete the dinette. The ample natural light enters through the hull windows and from the deck makes the interior space aboard the GS 44 even more welcoming. Comfort, ampio spazio e funzionalità: le proporzioni equilibrate dell’area sotto coperta...

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