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2018 Season Boards, Sails and Components

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2018 Goya WindSurfing Catalog Hawaii Headquarters Europe, Asia & Africa Forward Maui Inc. 375 West Kuiaha Rd, #1 Haiku, HI 96708 USA Forward Maui CA PO Box 234054 Encinitas, CA 92023 USA 4 Haiku HI S.L. Polígono Industrial La Vega 610 Tarifa 11380 Spain North & South America

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Custom Quad Pro 8 (and this double page) Custom Thruster Pro One Pro u Air Pro 20 Carrera Pro Volar Pro 24 Volar Eco 24 Bolt Pro 30 Proton Pro 34 Surf Ast 38 Specs on page 40

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All Custom. All yellow. The yellow Custom Pro paired with the yellow Banzai Pro has not only become synonymous with Marcilio Browne, it has become the icon of impeccable double forwards, insanely tweaked airs, effortless rotations off the lip and buckets of style. The Custom Pro Surfwave Quad is our pride and joy. And this year's model is no different. Except. It's a little better than ever before. And it now has a sibling. The Custom Pro Surfwave Thruster. Equally yellow. Equally fun. And as with all brothers and sisters, it's the subtle nuances that make for a beautiful variety. Keep...

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If you would like to know what Brawzinho and the feedback from our customers around the world have added after the last couple of years then you might want to give these boards a try. Bringing the future into their present, everything has been redesigned and compacted into these progressive shapes, with our forefront principle being "how to make wavesailing even more fun". The first thing you will notice on these new boards from the looks will be the fuller body with a narrower outline, through the mid and forward sections. This single change added amazing lightness and control, equally in...

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Custom Pro Surfwave Thruster Our new dedicated Thruster wave board shapes finally unite the spice of our Custom Quads with the added thrust and full turns that a thruster fin setups are known for. These new shapes increase speed and forward drive as you turn either at the top or bottom of the wave, opening more doors to your sailing. With the fine adjustments of the bottom shape, outline and faster rockers, the Custom Thrusters maximize the feel and ride in side-shore or on-shore conditions for all riders. The Thruster features a slightly fuller outline than the Quad and runs a shallower...

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Carbon & S-Glass The Direct Flex Monocoque connects your stance to the masttrack and distributes peak loads to the rest of the board, allowing for our boards to be both lighter and more rigid that traditional wave board constructions. Unidirectional Carbon Ultra Light & Ultra Strong Core axis reinforcement This long and wide carbon patch acts as a superior backbone, making you board stiffer and eliminating distortions. Biaxial Glass Very Light & Super Strong Direct Flex Monocoque ™ Custom Pro Quad Custom Pro Thruster One Pro Air Pro Biaxial Carbon Ultra Light & Ultra Strong Stance monocoque...

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Thruster The new Custom Thruster sits between the Custom Quad and the One Thruster. Serving you slightly more ease and forgiving lines than its more radical namesake, yet a more surfy feeling than our Freewave alternative. Custom Pro Surfwave Quad Custom Pro Surfwave Thruster Surfy & Radical Easy & Forgiving The Custom Quad has the narrowest outline of our wave line, a Vee/Concave/Double Concave bottom transition and the furthest back rider position. The strongest concave sits between the stance, with a Vee Double Concave toward the front. This is our most compact and radical wave board...

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One Pro Freewave Thruster Our dedicated one board to do it all, call it Freewave, Bump and Jump, Inside our Outside the bay, this is a one board solution. The design with the most added range in our line, providing all the balance, early planing, power and control you can dream of. You can seriously alter the character on these boards by simply adjusting the straps further inboard or outboard and with a single or double strap on the back. These new shapes simply bring top performance to wherever you go or feel like riding that day. The new One has a fuller outline. Maximum Vee/ Medium...

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Available in pastel yellow on neon green Available in Pro Carbon -    •■■■'    ..-'Vvv fy-Vi r '    JjK/v & S-Glass construction. With a new squash tail, parallel outlines, and a wider, more powerful release that invites the rider to stand further back, the geometry of the Air allows wider access to the movement and pop of the board. The volume flow has increased in the tail area, supporting the landing of all planing moves. Panel V with razor sharp rails and a slight double concave though the bottom of the board for ultimate speed, committed rail loading moves and surface detachment. The...

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HYPER SKIN Carrera Pro Freecarve Single The Carrera sailing experience is a fresh one altogether, more agility and more turning torque. Yet riders familiar with the Carrera will enjoy the volume designations carried over, as well as the board's supreme build. Inspired by last season's successful smaller Freeride models the Carrera does exactly what it says, it races through turns and down the straight line alike, making it a hot new addition to the steadily growing Goya line. Simply put, the Carrera is adding a touch more turn and drive to Freeriding, getting us hooked on windsurfing all...

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