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Gottifredi maffioli © photo Thierry Martinez / Sea&Co. rigging cables Building on over 15 years of continuous R&D activity and the expertise matured in supplying over 2000 cables, we developed a full range of flexible Composite Cables, which excel in strength, durability and versatility and are the ideal complementary solution to Carbon Rigging. Based on the most advanced synthetic fibre materials, including the new super-strong Dyneema® SK99, our unidirectional sling cables combine the mechanical excellence of composite cables to the flexibility of fibre ropes. From Torsional Luff Cables to Lock Strops, Aft Rigging and Top-Down Furling cables, everything can be produced in lengths up to 70 meters.

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DSK99 UNIDIRECTIONAL SLINGS Solid performance and unquestioned reliability derive from the world’s strongest fibre. No other material can indeed match the strength/weight ratio of Dyneema® SK99 fibres. Combined with an highly efficient processing technology, this results in extremely lightweight Rigging Cables, which can offer an uncompromised combination of performance and durability. Wherever there is need for strength, high modulus, flexibility and toughness, Gottifredi Maffioli DSK99 Unidirectional Sling Cables are the ideal solution: Backstays, Furling Cables, High Load Control Lines,...

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