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Megayacht 2016 - 2

i NOVATION ■< II Y assion HO^®!STY \1 INNOVATION customization PERSeVGRANCe

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Megayacht 2016 - 3

Foto copertina: © Carlo Borlenghi

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Megayacht 2016 - 4

The existence of Gottifredi Maffioli represents a history of challenges and new ideas. Thanks to the constant innovation and to the many challenges won, Gottifredi Maffioli has become a reference point for various markets through the years. The company was founded 90 years ago, in 1926 by a young woman, Maria Gottifredi: a company created by a woman was just the first of many more pioneeristic events which characterise all Gottifredi Maffioli’s history. After a few years, Ettore Luigi Maffioli joined his wife Maria Gottifredi in the management of the company: from that moment on the company...

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Megayacht 2016 - 5

L’azienda venne fondata 90 anni fa, nel 1926, da una donna, Maria Gottifredi. In questa presenza femminile nel momento fondativo vi è un senso di pionerismo che caratterizzerà tutta la storia della piccola fabbrica ubicata a Novara. Presto il marito, Ettore Luigi Maffioli, si unì a Maria Gottifredi nella gestione della società, che prese così il nome Gottifredi Maffioli. L’azienda, ora nota anche come importante punto di riferimento nel mercato nautico, nacque come supporto all’industria tessile per la produzione di cordine e nastri in fibre naturali. La curiosità nel ricercare soluzioni...

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Megayacht 2016 - 6

The never-ending curiosity and the skill of turning new material into innovative products are the key factors of Gottifredi Maffioli’s world. Another step into the innovation came at the beginning of the 1980’. Thanks to the first pioneeristic tests with Kevlar, the innovative fibre of DuPont, Gottifredi Maffioli was selected as supplier for the running rigging for Azzurra, the first Italian team challenging for the America’s Cup. This was the first step into the sailing world, now the reference market of the Italian company, and the beginning of a still continuing adventure. Nowadays...

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Megayacht 2016 - 7

La passione per la ricerca e lo sviluppo di prodotti sempre più performanti e i rapporti aperti e costruttivi con clienti e fornitori hanno reso Gottifredi Maffioli il partner ideale per lo sviluppo dei nuovi prodotti. Kevlar, Dyneema, PBO sono solo alcune delle fibre innovative introdotte dall’azienda sulle più importanti imbarcazioni da regata. La sede di Novara rappresenta un ideale punto di incontro tra ricerca di base nel campo delle fibre e innovazione applicata. Qui produttori di materiali rivoluzionari come DuPont, DSM, Toyobo ed altri incontrano i grandi team del mondo velico. Qui...

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Megayacht 2016 - 8

180' Ketch - Marie DUBOIS 189’ - TWIZZLE ^SPINDRIFT RACING BALTIC 112’ - NILAYA Wally 107'- Kauris III to ? 00 Q) > =3 Z _» o tn o - n 1 0 to V §:F fD £ O U d m fD U1 Nilaya - Baltic 112' - © Carlo Borlenghi Farr 115'- Sojana ione Perini 131'- State of Grace HOEK 156' - WISP 115’ - FIREFLY fD Southern 102'- Farfalla dec ^ OYSTER 125’ - TWILIGHT Diana 126'- Dione Star

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Megayacht 2016 - 9

ORACLE TEAM USA - © Guilain Grenier

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Megayacht 2016 - 10

POLYAMIDG POLIAMMIDG Polyester fibres are featured by high tenacity and good abrasion resistance. Lightweight and flexible, Polyester resists well to wrinkles and chemical/ physical agents. All these characteristics, combined with the low coefficient of water absorption, make polyester ideal for a wide range of applications. Kevlar® is the famous aramid fibre produced by Du Pont de Nemours. This fibre, featured by a recognisable gold yellow colour, outstands for high modulus and high heat resistance (it decomposes at over 400°C). Weight for weight, Kevlar® is 5 times stronger than steel and...

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Megayacht 2016 - 11

Speciale trattamento termico cui vengono sottoposte le cime in Dyneema ® per migliorare le prestazioni meccaniche. Questo processo consiste nel portare la cima ad elevata temperatura e sottoporla a trazione per equilibrare perfettamente le tensioni delle fibre, consentendo così di incrementare la resistenza ed il modulo della cima di circa il 15% e di ridurne il diametro del 10%. Special polyurethane coating treatment realized by Gottifredi Maffioli to enhance abrasion resistance and make splicing easier. Speciale trattamento di coating poliuretanico realizzato da Gottifredi Maffioli per...

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Megayacht 2016 - 12

Hetairos - Baltic 200' - © Carlo Borlenghi Hetairos - Baltic 200' - © Carlo Borlenghi MEGA YACHT Thanks to the new MEGA YACHT lines by Gottifredi Maffioli, the know-how and the technologies developed in many years of experience in world class racing and record breaking maxi multihulls are now available to the sophisticated and demanding market of luxury mega yachts. Along with a selection of products specifically designed for the worlds largest sailing yachts, Gottifredi Maffioli is also capable of offering composite rigging solutions and furling cables up to lengths of nearly 70...

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Megayacht 2016 - 13

To achieve the maximum weight savings without compromising functionality, we developed a refined technology to produce machine tapered lines with the highest level of flexibility and customisation. Every single line is tailormade and can feature both seamless diameter tapering and gradual variations of the cover material to get always the perfect performance out of every single meter of your ropes. Dyneema® SK78 XBO is the latest development in UHMWPE fibers. Combining the excellent mechanical properties of the Dyneema® SK78 fiber to the bending fatigue optimized XBO finish, this material...

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Megayacht 2016 - 14

CONSTRUCTION COSTRUZIONE CORE AN IMA COVER CALZA CAPTIVI A“ T-GRIP CAPTIVIA- T-PRO Double Braid Doppia Treccia Double Braid Doppia Treccia Double Braid Doppia Treccia Polyurethane coated Dyneema® SK78 with Gripower inserts Dyneema® SK78 con coating poliuretanico e inserti Gripower Polyurethane coated Dyneema® SK78 XBO with Gripower inserts Dyneema® SK78 XBO con coating poliuretanico e inserti Gripower Polyurethane coated Dyneema® SK78 XBO with Gripower inserts Dyneema® SK78 XBO con coating poliuretanico e inserti Gripower Polyester + Cordura® branded Fibers Technora® + Cordura®...

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