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Advantage under sail The low profile when folded gives the abso- lute minimum drag of any like sized 3-blade folding or feathering propeller available. Independent test results confirm this as fact. The result of low drag is increased sailing speeds. The extra speed obtained can be substantial to the performance of the boat. When folded the propeller prevents sea- weed, lobster lines, fish lines or plastic bags etc. fouling the propeller. The design also prevents the propeller from opening when sailing. This feature allows for installation to hydraulic transmissions without the additional cost of installing a shaft brake, to prevent rotation under sail. This is important to the life Performance under power "Tests"* by major yachting magazines, and other independent organisations have shown that the 3-blade Gori folding propeller has a much better efficiency both forward (+15%) and reverse (+15%) than other feathering propellers. This is achieved because of the camber and twist that is built into the propel- The feathering propellers have a flat blade design, which does not optimise thrust under Under sail incorporates a flexible bushing that absorbs shock and electrically insulates the propeller from the Sail-drive leg. This is necessary and required, by the engine manufacturers. The hub also has a security cam system, which increases the longevity and ensures manoeu- vring at all times. The propeller is compatible with; Bukh, Nanni, Hydrodrive, Lombardini, Sonic, Volvo Penta, Yanmar and other brands Professional quality Gori propeller has for more than 25 years been the established leader in the design and development of folding propellers. The 3-blade Gori folding propeller underlines their technological lead in this field. They are pro- duced using only high quality materials such as Nibral and high-grade stainless steel. Gori folding propellers have for over 25 years proved their superiority in design, quality of manufacture and continuing durability. They continue to be the choice of leading design- ers, major boat builders and record setting sailors around the world. Gori propellers ac- complishments and reputation is well docu- All Gori propellers are numbered individu- ally for quality assurances and future service capabilities. All propellers are delivered com- pletely assembled so as to assure quality of design, balance and manufacture. Ahead "Overdrive" The 3-blade Gori folding propeller above is right-hand. Gori propeller - Steel Team A/S Steel Team develops, manufactures and mar- kets the Gori propeller. The first Gori propeller was introduced to the market in 1975, over 25 years ago. Since that time the Gori propeller has amassed a record and reputation un- matched throughout the world of propellers. Gori offers a full range of folding propellers for the marine field and custom propellers for industrial and commercial projects all over Gori propeller - Steel Team has the very lat- est CAD/CAM development and production equipment at its disposal. Close co-operation and continued cooperation with designers, boat builders, marine technical institutes and laboratories guarantees the highest quality of design and manufacture for the Gori propel- Gori propeller - Steel Team is also a leader in the design and machining of Hi-tech compo- nents for commercial and industrial use. In November 2002 Gori propeller - Steel Team A/S was awarded overall "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2002" in Gori propeller are protected by the following Australia, patent Denmark, patent France, patent Germany, patent Great Britain, patent Italy, patent Gori propeller - Steel Team A/S Lysbjergvej 11 • Hammelev • DK-6500 Vojens • Denmark Gori propeller Méditerranée Port Camille Rayon • 06220 Golfe Juan • France The folding propeller for sailboats

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The 3-blade Gori folding propeller was intro- DAME award and HISWA award the same year; as the best new marine product of 1994. The introduction of this folding propeller marked a technological and performance leap forward in the development of folding propellers for sailboats. It is now possible for every sailboat and motorsailer to have the folding propeller's speed advantages under sail, with the thrust similar to that of a fixed propeller when motoring. The blades of the Gori 3-blade propeller are designed with both camber and twist to them, which gives excellent thrust in forward. In...

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