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High capacity hoists - 8 Pages

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High capacity hoists

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Future Technology and other lifting equipment for More than 100,000 installa- tions are the proof of our expe- Over the years we have in- stalled lifting systems in over Cutting-edge design techno- logy, highly sophisticated pro- duction resources and efficient organisation have placed GH among Europe's top lifting equipment manufacturers. have been designed with the fo- llowing principles; reliability, se- curity, durability, price and easy maintenance. The design pact with perfect dimensional groups combining different lif- ting speeds, heights and duty factors, according to the requi-...

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Single-girder overhead hoist Foot-mounted hoist PDNTE RDLANTE • SUWNICE • GRUAS • CRANES • PONT-RDULANT •

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Robust and compact, situated on the exte- rior, allowing ease of access. The helical teeth in all the gears are cut with great precision, in cemented steel, assu- ring silent running, great reliabilty and long life. The drive from the motor to the gearbox is direct, avoiding coupling devices which have a All of the gears are lubricated by an oil bath in the interior of a closed casing, machining of the gear locations is made by high precision machine tools. LIFTING MOTOR The hoist has a cylindrical short circuit mo- tor with an incorporated electromagnetic bra- The motor and brake have been...

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BOTTOM HOOK BLOCK The sheaves are designed according to The hooks are selected according to DIN depending on whether they are single or dou- TRAVELLING GEAREDMOTORS Are specially designed for crane applica- tion. Low torque high inertia drives, provide gradual acceleration and smooth deceleration without excessive swing. The drive to the wheel is via a direct spli- OVERLOAD LIMIT DEVICE All of our hoists are fitted with an electro- mechanical load cell as standard (electronic This load cell consists mainly of 2 parts: - Load cell unit (to be installed in the electric panel). SECURITY LIMIT...

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DUTY CLASS DETERMINATION FOR HOISTS, ACCORDING TO EUROPEAN MECHANICAL HANDLING FEDERATION According to FEM classification, two fundamental criteria must be taken into account: the type of duty, and the time of operation (according to average daily operating time for the hoisting movement of OPERATIONAL TIME Criteria to obtain the average operating time in hours average hook travel (m) number of working hours per day 60 x lifting speed (m/min) HOIST PERFORMANCE RATING Mean Effective Loads Load may vary from no load to occasional full rated loads. This service covers hoists used in repair...

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CENTRAL DFFICES TECHNICAL OFFICE CENTRAL OFFICES MACHINING WORKSHOP CENTRAL OFFICES MACHINING WORKSHOP LIFTING EQUIPMENT CO..LTD. Costa rica Czech Republic Dominican Republic Hong Kong Saudi Arabia South Korea United Arabemirates different countries, With a staff of over 300 in Spain and GH develops both standard and tailored products. (GIPUZKOA) SPAIN PONTE RDLANTE • 5UWNICE • GRUAS • CRANES • PQNT-ROULANT • ^.^^F^SS^fl

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