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The ideal entry level generator - easy to install and non-stop energy High starting capacity... perfect for running a diving compressor or an air conditioner for your complete on-board power system Extremely compact and light... more room for other things Super-silent sound insulation capsule. you can relax while the generator runs Innovative Design... easy to install and maintain with all connections on one side Integrated fuel pump Fischer Pam^ Eeneratois * Fischer Panda

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Cooling System Voltage Stability [%] Frequency Stability [%] Starter System Remote Control Panel Engine Manufacturer Engine Type dual circuit version - freshwater cool- single circuit version - not suited for sea-water ing via heat exchanger cooling electric start electric start Disclaimer: The information contained here is to the best of our knowledge accurate at the date of publication. All products are subject to continuous development and Fischer Panda GmbH reserves the right to alter technical specifications without prior notice. fciFischer Panda Fischer Panda GmbH Otto-Hahn-Str. 32-34...

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