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System Components Installation, Custom Services Powerful Energy Systems Global Service Directory Fischer Panda Marine Generators Compact, Lightweight and Quiet Super-Silent Sound Insulation System Performance stability through dual-circuit cooling All the benefits of the asynchronous generator and more. High Performance Clean sine wave, voltage stability and signal interface Automatic AC Transfer Unit Parallel Transfer Unit The Fischer Panda Warranty Plus Basic Guarantee, Warranty Packs and Warranty Refit Professional Solutions Over 40 kW Power Requirements 22

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Power - wherever you are You will always have sufficient power with a Fischer Panda generator onboard 3 kW to 200 kW Generators Worldwide partners near you Very low vibration and quiet installations Up to 40% weight and 60% space savings possible Parallel operation with multiple generators Integration with ship‘s main control systems Fischer Panda GmbH manufactures compact and quiet diesel generators for marine and vehicle applications. These are sold in over sixty countries worldwide under the trade name “Fischer Panda.” The water-cooled diesel generators from Fischer Panda are renowned...

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Installation and Custom Services Installation Kits Fischer Panda supplies installation kits to match your requirements and provide you with all the necessary cables, hoses, connection pieces and accessories to ensure that the system can be correctly installed. This even includes when you require specific hose and cable lengths. Custom services for special requirements Fischer Panda offers a wide range of services for customizing and adapting generators for use with special equipments and commercial applications. Powerful Energy Systems Fischer Panda Marine Generators form the backbone of...

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Service and Support Service Kits Fischer Panda Service Kits include only original spare parts which meet their required specifications. The Fischer Panda Service Kits are suited for the type of servicing normally carried out by workshops. Fischer Panda Service Plus Kits include only the original spare parts which meet their required specifications and all the relevant spare parts for the first 600 h service intervals. The Fischer Panda Service Kits are suited for the type of servicing which customers will be carrying out on board boats and vehicles. Service Plus kits are supplied in a handy...

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Compact, Lightweight and Quiet Super-Silent Sound Insulation System Less space required for installation Can be installed anywhere on-board Generator can be fitted in centre of gravity Hermetically sealed capsule All connections pre-fitted on capsule Panda Marine generators up to 25 kW are delivered with a GFK sound insulation capsule with “3D” sound insulation material as standard. An optional sound insulation material (“4DS”) is also available on request. GFK Sound insulation capsule is standard for generators up to 25 kW. For generators from 30 kW and above, the capsule is delivered as a...

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Water-cooled Performance stability through dual-circuit cooling Water-cooled windings Dual-circuit cooling Water-cooling for engine and generator No appreciable warming of engine room Fischer Panda has manufactured more than 18.000 marine generators since 1988 with this technology. One of the reasons for the superior efficiency of Panda generators is the very effective cooling system, it ensures that the temperatures inside the sound insulation capsule remains within an acceptable range even in tropical conditions at the same time achieving the best possible sound insulation as free-flowing...

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No rotating coils No diodes No signal noise Perfect sine wave High protection rating Precise control Highly efficient Brushless Highest operating protection Patented Voltage Control System The Panda offers all the advantages of the classic asynchronous generator and with the patented Voltage Control System (VCS) produces control precision that cannot be beaten by a conventional synchronous generator. The excellent qualities of the controlled Panda asynchronous generator have been impressively proven in many tests over the past years. The asynchronous generator has always set high standards...

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Dual V Syste oltage m (DV only f rom F S) is Pand cher a High Performance AC Windings available in three different versions to suit your needs: The HP1 is the standard version for 230V AC 50 Hz, (120 / 240V - 60 Hz). This is available up to 25 kW. From 12 kW, a three-phase version should be considered, as the Panda generator permits dissymmetrical loads up to 50% per phase. A check should always be made as to whether a DC-AC Power System would be the better solution (see DAPS DC-AC Power System) for small to middle range on-board power systems. satellite receivers Single Phase electric...

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Monitoring and Operation Perfect Sine Wave The Panda combines all the advantages of the asynchronous generator with the voltage control of a synchronous generator. Asynchronous Panda Generators supply a particularly clean sine wave and have achieved the best results during numerous tests in this category. This is essential for the smooth running of sensitive electronic devices such as air conditioners, charging devices, laser printers etc. Voltage Stability with patented Voltage Control System (VCS) tolerance ± 3V The outstanding sine wave of the Fischer Panda Generator The patented Voltage...

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Fischer Panda panels for ease of use and operation Fischer Panda panels allow the generator to be operated from the comfort of the cabin. Important operating information is displayed. Options are available for connecting panels in parallel or with a slave panel. The generator can then be operated from multiple locations for even more flexibility. A panel can be installed in the cabin and another panel can be installed on the flybridge or in the engine room. Remote Control Panel for Panda 4500 iControl Panel for i-Series Generators “AGT Control” Remote Control Panel The standard version...

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