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Detect water in your Lubricating Oil, Hydraulic Oil or Fuel Oil Systems before it is too late! A world of possibilities G&O Survey Water Monitor Gertsen & Olufsen’s products and services Gertsen & Olufsen A/S is situated north of Copenhagen and has since 1945 been one of the largest suppliers of equipment and systems to the marine industry. With this comprehensive line of products Gertsen & Olufsen has established itself as a major player and supplier of specialised products to the international marine markets. Our business philosophy is to offer competent advice and service by a dedicated and competent staff with a profound knowledge of our customers and their needs and the solutions provided by our products and systems. Worldwide service G&O Survey Water Monitor G&O Vibration Compensator Through an extensive international network of agents, Gertsen & Olufsen A/S ensures the highest service level. Just one phone call, fax or e-mail and you will be in touch with someone who will be delighted to assist you. G&O Microbac Bioreactor G&O SafePage 3000TM G&O Boiler Dosing Gertsen & Olufsen A/S Savsvinget 4, DK 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark Tel: +45 4576 3600, Fax: +45 4576 1773 info@g-o.dk www.g-o.dk and various Electronic Systems and Consultant Engineering Services Probably the most accurate and reliable monitoring of oil contamination!

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G&O Survey Water Monitor - Tested and recommeded by major Engine Makers - Type approved by Bureau Veritas - Supreme results in comparative tests - Easy Operation - Easy installation - No need for calibration Main Characteristics The working principle of the G&O SWM System is based on the difference in boiling points of water and oil. In short, a continuous flow of oil is by-passed through the Evaporator where the oil is heated sufficiently to evaporate any water and subsequently the condensed water is measured by passing through a sealed orifice calibrated to produce drops of an exactly...

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