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BIO REACTOR BR 1850 BG-V TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Rev. No: 06 G&O BIOREACTOR BR-1850 BG-V Installation onboard “Mary Arctica” owned by Royal Arctic Lines, dk 1. INTRODUCTION The G&O Bioreactor represents the next generation of Biological Sewage Plants and is able to handle grey and black water from any Ship or Offshore construction. The plant is an “Aerated Submerged Fixed Film Unit" which operates by use of the “Matrix Technology". The G&O Bioreactor system provides an excellent growth environment for our bacteria media. The tank is fitted with a rigid PP/PVC matrix. By this we obtain a 125 times larger internal surface where the bacteria media can adhere compared to any traditional Active Sludge Plant/tank. In this manner we secure any operator full operational freedom all around the globe with a system that exceeds any known or expected future environmental demands. Gertsen & Olufsen A/S Savsvinget 4, DK-2970 Hørsholm Tel: +45 45 76 36 00, Fax: +45 45 76 17 73 www.g-o.dk, info@g-o.dk, CVR. DK 16 31 48 97 Page 1 of 5

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BIO REACTOR BR 1850 BG-V TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Rev. No: 06 2. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Black and Grey water is directed to the Inlet Mixing Tank either by gravity or by a Vacuumarator Pump. The Inlet Mixing Tank is designed to even-out peak loadings to ensure a steady liquid flow through the plant and thus optimizing the biological cleaning process in the Bioreactor tank. From the Inlet Mixing Tank, the waste water is transferred to the Bioreactor Tank by a Macerating Pump mixing grey and black water and cutting up all solids. The mixed waste water passes the vertically installed Matrix in...

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BIO REACTOR BR 1850 BG-V TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Rev. No: 06 3. LAYOUT DRAWING PLEASE SEE ATTACHED DRAWING FOR FURTHER DETAILS. STANDARD PLANT SIZES (VACUUM) STP Type Org. Load Hydr. Load 3 [BOD5 / day] [m /day] BR 1850 0.75 1.85 BR 3700 1.50 3.70 BR 5500 2.25 5.50 BR 7400 3.00 7.40 BR 9250 3.75 9.25 BR 11100 4.50 11.10 Dimensions [mm] 2910x1320x1560 3010x1620x1560 3610x1620x1560 4210x1650x1560 4010x1650x1860 4460x1650x1860 Dry weight 316L/St 52-3 [kg] 954/1117 1069/1285 1202/1488 1347/1685 1410/1777 1586/1996 Operating weight 316L/St 52-3 [kg] 3006/3170 3970/4185 5086/5372 6504/6541...

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BIO REACTOR BR 1850 BG-V TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Rev. No: 06 5. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS CONSTRUCTION The system is delivered as one complete unit with separate vacuum-aerator pumps. The plant is produced and tested according to internal G&O QA prior to delivery. Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with fresh water is available. MAIN COMPONENTS Macerating Pump - ORPU type ES 135/4 Max. flow 1 off 3 9 m /h Max. delivery head 6 mWC El. consumption 1,3 kW Discharge Pump - ORPU, type ES 130 Max. flow 1 off 3 17 m /h Max. delivery head 23 mWC El. consumption 2,6 kW UV, Van Remmen, type W0.5 El....

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BIO REACTOR BR 1850 BG-V TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Rev. No: 06 Piping connections Black water to vacuumerators Grey water to inlet mixing tank Spare to inlet mixing tank Venting Emergency overflow Discharge Filling 2 off 1 off 1 off 1 off 1 off 1 off 1 off Flanged DN50 / PN10 Flanged DN80 / PN10 Flanged DN50 / PN10 Flanged DN65 / PN10 Flanged DN50 / PN10 Flanged DN40 / PN10 Flanged DN50 / PN10 OPERATION ENVIRONMENT The G&O Bioreactor is designed for use in a marine environment. For special environmental conditions, modifications of the standard design may, however, be required. Generally the...

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