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The time on board comes from Wempe! 2

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Founded 1905 in Hamburg, WEMPE CHRONOMETERWERKE has always devoted itself to the exacting task of manufacturing precise maritime instruments and nautical timekeeping systems. Simultaneously cultivating traditional values and keeping its gaze directed toward the future, WEMPE numbers among the world’s leading manufacturers. All German research vessels and many luxury cruise ships such as the MS EUROPA II are equipped with clock systems from WEMPE CHRONOMETERWERKE. WEMPE is also strongly devoted to the fascination of sailing. Whether aboard a sailing yacht or as a decorative element in an...

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WEMPE Time Systems 2014-2015 - 4

History More than One Hundred Years of Wempe Chronometerwerke, Hamburg. Not only the gateway to the world, but Also the gateway to trailblazing horological craftsmanship. Chronometry in imperial Germany acquired international importance much later than it did in England or France. German chronometry was particularly crucial in Hamburg for two reasons: firstly, because Bremen and Hamburg were becoming increasingly important commercial centers; secondly, because Hanseatic ship-owners wanted to become independent of foreign (and especially English) chronometer suppliers. A number of leading...

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WEMPE Time Systems 2014-2015 - 5

Mechanical Marine chronometer Wempe Unified mechanical Chronometer with manufactory Caliber 5 This precise mechanical instrument has been handcrafted by WEMPE for more than 60 years. This construction achieved fame because the movement is supported atop just three pillars. This first-rate product proudly bears the distinction of being “MADE BY WEMPE.” The item is available in the classical version (which features a high-gloss polished Mahogany housing with brass inlays), in a solid brass case, or in a modern version with black, piano-lacquered surfaces, matt nickel-plated brass inlays and a...

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WEMPE Time Systems 2014-2015 - 6

Marine quartz chronometer Marine quartz chronometer Model 10058 – elegance Product information Dimension 95mm Ø, white with black Arabic numerals Stepping motor with an angular step of 60°, stepping frequency 0.5 Hz. The second hand moves forward in successive jumps of 1/sec. MOS-IC’s and semi-conductors with gold cap on a printed wiring board 55x135mm, all electronic parts are housed in the base of the chronometer’s case. The oscillating frequency is temperature stabilised. Helium leakage rate: 2 alkaline batteries type mono size D / LR20 1 year if alkaline batteries are used medium daily...

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WEMPE Time Systems 2014-2015 - 8

WEMPE marine clocks and instruments Professional WEMPE MARINE CLOCKS PROFESSIONAL have been developed especially for the needs on board a ship. They stand out not only due to their state-of-the-art technology, but also due to their functional and compact design. In addition, they are very durable, sturdy, easy to install and to operate and they are nearly maintenance-free. Our standard range includes marine clocks with analogue and digital displays as well as special flush mounting slave clocks of 96 x 96 mm and 144 x 144 mm in various designs and wall clocks in sizes from Ø approx. 100 –...

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WEMPE Time Systems 2014-2015 - 9

WALL MOUNTING MARINE CLOCKS AND INSTRUMENTS BREMEN II BRASS RADIO ROOM CLOCK PRODUCT INFORMATION Material Massive brass polished and lacquered Case Wall mounting Dial 0 100mm Arab numerals and silent sectors BREMEN II BRASS BAROMETER PRODUCT INFORMATION Material Massive brass polished and lacquered Case Wall mounting Dial 0 100mm with Arab numerals Versions Mechanical single barrel movement BREMEN II BRASS COMFORTMETER _PRODUCT INFORMATION_ Material Massive brass polished and lacquered Case Wall mounting Dial 0 100mm with Arab numerals Versions Combinated Thermo-/Hygrometer BREMEN II BRASS...

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WEMPE Time Systems 2014-2015 - 10

Wall mounting marine clocks and instruments - Indoor use - Admiral II Chrome Striking clock Product information Material Massive brass high-gloss chrome plated Case Wall mounting Dimensions Ø 185mm x 70mm (h) Dial Ø 140mm Roman numerals Weight Ca 1,2kg Versions B – with ship’s bells Admiral II Chrome Barometer Product information Material Massive brass high-gloss chrome plated Case Wall mounting Dimensions Ø 185mm x 70mm (h) Dial Ø 140mm Arab numerals Weight Ca 1,0kg Versions Mechanical double barrel movement Admiral II Chrome Weather station Product information Material Massive brass...

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WEMPE Time Systems 2014-2015 - 11

Drum barographs are essential for anyone who wants to keep an exact record of changes in air pressure. Our drum barographs are made of high-quality materials and are individually assembled by hand. Eight aneroid capsules are the centrepiece of each drum barograph. They measure the exact air pressure, which is recorded on the diagram paper by means of a precision mechanism and a writing arm. The paper drum itself is battery-powered. All our drum barographs come with 52 sheets of diagram paper for a full year and a felt-tip pen. Please indicate in your order if you would like to have the...

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WEMPE Time Systems 2014-2015 - 12

The HUMIGRAF measures the humidity and temperature of the ambient air and continuously records the humidity curve of an entire year on a wax paper roll. The HUMIGRAF runs with a standard battery so that it can be flexibly used at different locations, aboard a ship or at home. The current values can be read off at any time on a LCD display. HUMIGRAF+ Product information Material Plastic Case Desktop or wall mounting Dimensions 269 x 165 x 78mm Relative Humidity: Range 0% - 100% or 20% - 80% Accuracy ± 2% (between 10% to 90%) Resolution 1% Temperature: Range - 20° to 60°C Recording - 5° to...

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Master clocks precise and reliable on all the world’s oceans Providing a uniform time aboard a vessel, WEMPE MASTER CLOCKS have been a precise and reliable companion for sailors on all the world’s oceans since the 1970s. The master clock or main clock as it is also called is the most important component of a time system besides the slave or secondary clocks that are installed throughout the vessel. The master clock controls the slave clocks by transmitting control pulses or signals so that all connected slave clocks always show the same time. Contrary to time systems used in a building or...

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