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Maritime Precision at its best! Founded in 1905, Wempe Chronometerwerke has always devoted itself to the exacting task of manufacturing precise maritime instruments and nautical timekeeping systems. Simultaneously cultivating traditional values and keeping its gaze directed toward the future, Wempe German research vessels and many luxury cruise ships such as the MS EUROPA are equipped with clock systems from Wempe Chronometerwerke. 2 Wempe is also strongly devoted to the fascination of sailing. Whether aboard a sailing yacht or as a decorative element in an office or home, these marine...

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The contest for the most precise time was decided on the high seas. The importance of exact time measurement for navigation. quality clock or watch. A timepiece must earn the right extremely high accuracy according to a standardized measuring procedure and by being certified by the official rate-measuring authority. A retrospective look at history shows the extreme importance that these precise time-measuring instruments had for seafaring. Week after week of disoriented sailing and catastrophic accidents were common occurrences on of precious human life and valuable cargo were immense. It...

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1905 - 2012 More than One Hundred Years of Wempe Chronometerwerke, Hamburg. Not only the gateway to the world, but also the gateway to trailblazing horological craftsmanship. Dedicated to the high art of fine mechanical Engineering. fine handmade Chronometry in imperial Germany acquired international importance much later than it did in England or France. German chronometry was particularly crucial in Hamburg for two reasons: firstly, because Bremen and Hamburg were becoming increasingly important commercial centers; secondly, because Hanseatic ship-owners wanted to become independent of...

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the unified chronometer. How it all started. Wempe Chronometerwerke faced new political and economic challenges in the years prior to the Second World War and during the early years of the conflict. The business was stripped of its independence and subordinated to the ministries of the navy and air force in 1939. The sharp increase in the demand for precision instruments for warships and submarines impelled both ministries to order ever-greater numbers of chronometers from Wempe, where production was correspondingly increased. Demand was so strong that Wempe Chronometerwerke was ultimately...

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WEMPE Ship's Time Systems 2012-2013 - 7

Marine quartz chronometer The most precise portable mechanical timepieces that Together with the sextant they enabled seafarers to determine their exact position at sea. The seafaring nations invested a lot of money in the development of these precision instruments, because those who would be able to determine their position at sea would rule the Seven Seas. Marine quartz chronometer Model 10044 classic With his H1 terminated in 1735, a simple English carpenter named John Harrison (born 1693) became the first person to build a chronometer with a rate accuracy nearly accomplishing the...

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WEMPE Ship's Time Systems 2012-2013 - 9

Always know the precise Time-measuring systems from Wempe momentary position, a captain merely needs to glance at the display of his satellite-supported global positioning system (GPS). Although traditional methods of nautical astronomy are still taught at seafaring academies, many officers feel that the use of a sextant has become more of a quaint hobby than a navigational necessity. The chronometer, which is the second important instrument for mariners, remains an outstanding horological achievement, but nowadays it is more likely to serve as a traditional decorative element with a...

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WEMPE Ship's Time Systems 2012-2013 - 10

WEMPE Master Clocks WEMPE Master Clocks are specially designed to meet the needs on board a ship. They stand out due to their state of the art technology and their functional and compact design. Furthermore, they are easy to mount and to operate and only need minimal Maintenance. Hedi Wempe ETHERNET master clock Pro type 20101 and Ethernet secondary clocks The Master clock 20101 controls analogue and digital secondary clocks. The analogue clocks can be connected to the four available secondary clock lines. The digital clocks can be connected to the two available serial interfaces. A pulse...

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WEMPE Ship's Time Systems 2012-2013 - 11

HEDI General data case temperature range dimensions Weight Control oscillator interfaces Inputs secondary clocks time adjustment intervals IP address at delivery net mask at delivery material: steel plate protection type: IP21 0 to 40°C WxHxD: 437,5(481) x 88 x 420 mm 10,1kg PC104 on interface board 1 Hz impulse generator with a rate accuracy of ± 0,05 s / 24 h 1 x Ethernet IPv4, (optional 1x Ethernet NTP-LT) 2 x RS485 to BEMO(s) 4 x analogue lines (12 or 24 Volt per impulse) 2 x serial lines (RS232 and RS422) 1 external dimmer signal for BEMO brightness; GPS signal; PPS signal 4 analogue...

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WEMPE Ship's Time Systems 2012-2013 - 12

WEMPE NTP-Server The NTP-Server provides a service for time Synchronisation on the Ethernet. Unlike usual time protocols the Local Time Server does not emit UTC, but LT. The server itself gets its time from a main clock that provides the time format LT or the difference to UTC. The server is intended to be connected to a HU20097 main clock or as an extension for the UTC-related NTP of the HU20100 main clock. Connected computers can thus get the current local time set on the main clock from the Local Time Server via NTP service. The server is connected to the main clock by means of a serial...

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WEMPE Ship's Time Systems 2012-2013 - 13

General data NTP-Server as add-on for Wempe time systems Timeserver function NTP-server version 3, Port 123 UDP UTC or local time (LT) User interface/management Program surface via VGA-monitor System OS: Windows XP embed CPU/Mainboard: Intel Core Duo / Core 2 Duo, Intel 945GME + ICH7M (82801GBM) Memory: 1 DDR2 SODIMM LAN: 4* Realtek RTL8101E 10/100 Mbps LAN LC - Display 2 x 20 figures, 5 x 8 dots, backlight blue Special long life elements for extend life circle (fan less and without HDD) Case Aluminium profile , 44.3H x 440W x 360D mm(Chassis) Weight: 5,2kg Ambient temperature Operating...

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WEMPE Ship's Time Systems 2012-2013 - 14

WEMPE Digital Master Clock pro - model 20097 The Master clock 20097 has a very compact design allowing mounting and usage even in small places. Its functionality and ergonomic design has improved thanks to a modern matrix LCdisplay and a flat foil keyboard. It comes in a modern plastic housing with a metal cage to protect the unit from electromagnetic disturbances. Different versions of housings are available, for wall or control panel mounting. Its modular construction makes it possible to install different options step by step. Many necessary functions are implemented in the standard...

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