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Pneumatic Ship Unloader - 1

GENMA Worldwide GENMAQi Our Specialty - Your Strength Pneumatic Ship UnloaderGPU80-600 Single pipe 80-600t/h Bangladesh GENMA Bulk Division Rainbow Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd(RHI) Rainbow Heavy Machineries Co.,Ltd(RHM) Tel: +86-21-6333 3037 Add: Room1505, No.1 Zhongji Building, Lane 819, Yinxiang Road, Shanghai, China E-mail: Web: GENMA ($1'Our Specialty - Your Strength

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Pneumatic Ship Unloader - 2

Application Installation Industry Material Key Component Multi-stage Turbo Blower Filter Airlock Discharger Leading R&D, Leading Technology Specification & Structure GENMA Service GENMA References Introduction The GPU80-600 series pneumatic ship Unloader is suitable for discharging of various bulk materials especially for the grain as well as products from the alumina and fly ash etc. These equipments are usually customized and adapt to the client’s environment, which can unload all types of inland or oceangoing vessels and discharge directly onto conveyors, trucks or wagons. The systems...

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Pneumatic Ship Unloader - 3

Wide Range of Application Choose appropriate installation type based on your port condition and requirements. Rail - Port standard pathway. - Apply to standard port berth and large vessels. Multiple use - From barges to panamax or tankers, any type of vessel. - Suction conveying with loading devices for hoppers, trucks, wagons or chain / belt conveyors. Various cargo - Grain: wheat, rice, soybeans, corn, rapeseeds and cassava etc. - Powder: cement, mineral powder, fly ash and pulverized lime etc. - Special material: sulfur, aluminum, alumina, soda ash, salt, fertilizer, petrol coke...

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Pneumatic Ship Unloader - 4

Application of Different Materials Pneumatic unloader is widely used in different industries with its automatical operation and high capacity. Specialized solution will be provided from consulting & engineering to application and after-sales service. The whole solution will be based on the industry's application and special characteristics. The following industries can be served with our expertise and know-how: - Terminal (silo terminal, integrated terminal, bulk terminal and grain terminal etc). - Industrial plant, power plant, aluminum smelter and cement industry etc. - Feed mill, malting...

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Pneumatic Ship Unloader - 5

Safe & Flexible Working Range Working stability - The flow and pressure does not change with time, and the capacity keeps in a stable condition which makes the work predictable. Auto-adjust airflow velocity - Optimal material conveying speed. - Variable diameter suction pipe balances and the conveying speed. - Strengthen the wear resistance of the airlock, elbow, pipes and moveable parts etc. Intelligent - Full-automatic control, real-time and visible monitoring. The advantages of dual-pipe system - Operating in different but neighbor holds. - Operating in different areas of the same hold...

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Pneumatic Ship Unloader - 6

High Performance, Low Energy Consumption Life cycle 20 years Wearing parts life - Horizontal pipe: 500,000-1500,000 tons. -Vertical pipe: 1,000,000 tons. - Discharger: 300,000-500,000 tons. - Elbow: 300,000-500,000 tons. Energy-saving >30%, compared with unloader with roots blower. Capacity - Single pipe: 80-600 t/h. - Dual-pipe: 600-1200 t/h. Material crushing < 1% Material loss - Under enclosed conveying, nearly 0% material loss. Protect your material - No loss, damage, contamination and foreign matter mix-in risk under the closed-loop conveying. Clean - Dust-free through closed...

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Pneumatic Ship Unloader - 7

Leading R&D, Leading Technology Multi-stage turbo blower- 30% energy can be saved VMore than 30% energy can be saved, compared with the unloader with roots blower. V Low noise and anti-fraying. V Reliable operation with long life cycle. VThe key components of the electrical control system choose the leading-brand. V Full-automatic control, real-time and visible monitoring while with safety chain control technology. Efficient filter V Filmed bag with high-molecular sintered plate material. V Water proof / dedusting / low resistance. VLong life. VContinuous operation. Be Certificated as...

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Pneumatic Ship Unloader - 8

Key data table (single pipe)

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Pneumatic Ship Unloader - 9

GENMA Total Solution GENMA products have been sold to 14 countries and are expected to expand to more than 20 countries within the upcoming 3 years. At present, the GENMA sales network has covered the most countries speaking English, Spanish, French, and Russian etc. In order to serve worldwide customers better, GENMA not only hires local sales people, but also establishes local service team including an experienced project manager and several local skilled service engineers. This type of local service team helps us improving communication efficiency without language barriers. And all...

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Pneumatic Ship Unloader - 10

14 Sold to 14 countries America El Salvador <|) Venezuela Brazil Argentina Fh d^Morimatsu PI BAYAN RESOURCES T CIMC B/Geisiaid fjl] l™?™? % unmnm /. m is m fit kJSjf JIANGSU NEW HANTONG # HAtJIAN TTOCK ZENGZHOU GROUP t£Mm Great Wall rw*a*an«Hisn H<i*J Above logos only present some typical customers.

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