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Exceptional laminate finishes Selection of laminate finishes available with a wide variety of plywood cores that adapt to any decoration and furniture project.

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Exceptional laminates UNIFORM COLOURS Arena Soft III T0793 Canvas Crudo M0399 Textil Corona Bronce M0371 Sand matte, glossy & top face (HPL) FANTASY Japandi Natural M0377 Etnic (CPL) WOOD TEXTURES Walnut Slow G0822 Atlas

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Selection of plywood cores Beauty Surface resistance Selection of premium laminate finishes with great beauty and quality. Excellent resistance to impact, scratching and splitting. Save time and money when handling. Exceptional lightness Thanks to its core of poplar plywood from European plantations or the combination with other ultra-lightweight materials. Exceptional properties Stable, uniform and easily machinable. Sustainability Wood sourced from certified fast-growing European plantations. Lightweight plywood made entirely of premium-quality European poplar. Exceptional quality interior...

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Garnica laminate products are especially designed for decoration and furniture-manufacturing applications in which lightness, beauty and surface hardness are major considerations. Mobility and transportation: converting vans to campers, interior furnishings for caravans and the marine industry Interior decoration: panelling, roofing, doors, mouldings and all types of decorative panelling Interior furnishings and DIY projects: wardrobes, shelves, tables, chairs and all types of kitchen furniture Garnica Plywood

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