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MUST HAVES Welcome to the world of G-nautics | Nautical accessories There is something for every type of boat; from ocean racer to laidback family cruiser. The G-Nautics products keep your boat clean and shipshape for high performance sailing or serious relaxing.

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THERMO COMPOSITE EVA FOAM The basic structure of the new iQ products is the use of moulded EVA foam. The heat moulded EVA foam gives the products the nice clean look and feel what we are looking for in the design. iQ Winch Handle Holder Its compact outline and extended round corners from soft foam with no edges makes this an awesome all-rounder. Ultra lightweight Thermo Composite EVA foam material. Its compact outline and extended round corners from soft foam Fully Moulded EVA, no water absorption. The Velcro fixation with no edges makes this an awesome all-rounder. system makes mounting...

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Do not let the compact outline fool you, it is a true rope holder. The neoprene The heat moulded EVA foam Hatch cover with flexible adjusta- sidewalls can double the size from this sheet bag while the elastic string ble edge, is an awesome multipurpose product.It is a blind for system allows you to adjust the extension. Round corners from soft foam with the night, that gives extra insolation against heat and cold and it no edges makes this an awesome sheet stowbag. Ultra-lightweight Thermo protects the acrylic hatch from UV light. Composite EVA foam material. Fully Moulded EVA, no water...

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PROJECT iQ PVC FREE iQ Rescue ladder MORE ABOUT PROJECT IQ PVC FREE Compact, easy to install reboard rescue ladder. The heat moulded EVA foam cover holds a 5 step webbing ladder that deploys by pulling on the pulling cord. All steps are rigid and the bottom steps are weighted so that Thermo Composite EVA Foam the ladder will easily fall out of the rigid protective cover and it The revolutionary Thermo Composite EVA foam material is a totally new innovation helps with climbing back on board. in nautical accessories development and sets a new benchmark in design and performance. 91102626 iQ...

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PVC Tarpaulin SUPER TOUGH, HEAVY DUTY Tarpaulin PVC: super tough, waterproof, water repellent, UV resistant, rot free and in a stylish clean white color Our Tarpaulin PVC products are light weight and do not absorb water. Our super durable heavy duty PVC tarpaulin stow bags are especially designed to be strong and light weight. The durable materials are UV resistant and do not absorb water. The mesh bottom drains water quickly. The bags are equipped with our Velcro fixation system. The stiff tubes on the top of the bags give good grip and opens the complete bag in one movement, while the...

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PVC TarpaulinWinch Cover Protects from sun, salt and dirt. Non slip rubber, pull strap with adjustment buckle. LSI FAST AND EASY ® INSTALLATION Cockpit Bag SUPER TOUGH, HEAVY DUTY PVC TARPAULIN One pocket cockpit bag to keep things organized. The bags are equipped with our Velcro Fixation System. 91101620 Cockpit Bag Small Mounting surface 30 x 25 cm. Weight 365 grams I FAST AND EASY INSTALLATION Ll I BY VELCRO FIXATION SYSTEM Life Line Cushion SUPER TOUGH, HEAVY DUTY PVC TARPAULIN PVC tarpaulin Life Line Cushion. PE foam padding and PVC tubing for comfort. Set of 2. 91102340 Life Line...

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Acrylic Canvas SOLUTION DYED ACRYLIC CANVAS Solution-Dyed acrylic gets its color during the production of the yarn for the fabric while typical acrylic fabric is made white and is colored later in the production process. In the textile industry, the dyeing stage is where the production generates the most pollutants. Winch Handle Pocket SOLUTION DYED ACRYLIC CANVAS Small and compact in size, but big enough to fit two winch handles. Available in a single and a double model. These products have our Velcro Fixation System so assembley without drilling holes. 91100931 Winch Handle Pocket Single...

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G-Nautics all products - 9

Polyester □ I BUILT FOR I COMFORT Polyester POLYESTER | PU COATING | PVC COUTING 600D Polyester covers for Outboards and Inflatable Boats. Life Line Cushion SOLUTION DYED ACRYLIC CANVAS Life Line Cushion. PE foam padding and PVC tubing for ultimate comfort. Set of 2. 91101194 Life Line Cover Acrylic Small 91101195 Life Line Cover Acrylic Medium 91101196 Life Line Cover Acrylic Large Propellor cover POLYESTER | PVC COATING This universal Propellor cover is for less powerful outboards / tail cover from 600D Polyester. The covers are padded and have a waterdrain hole in the bottom. We have 4...

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Must Haves Life Line Cushion POLYESTER | PU COATING This PU coated Polyester adjustable inflatable tender cover fits most popular inflatable boats. 2 underneath quick-release buckles keep the cover in place while stowed on deck or in the davits. The tender Cover is available in 3 sizes: 91101721 Tender Cover Medium 230 - 280 cm 91101722 Tender Cover Large 285 - 320 cm 91101723 Tender Cover X- Large 325 - 360 cm THE MUST HAVESProducts that make life on board more comfortable and enjoyable. Tender Stow bag THE MUST HAVES 9110776 Tender Stow Bag 60x20x31 cm Tender Stow Bag Mesh 60x20x31 cm...

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Must Haves Sail straps THE MUST HAVES Sail Straps - 25 mm webbing with loop set of 2. 91100020 Sailstraps 150 cm Storm bed THE MUST HAVES Storm Bed made out of soft breathable mesh, complete with fixation webbing and quick release swivels. Duffel bag THE MUST HAVES 91102350 Duffel Bag Medium 61 x 38 x 38 cm Seaman bag THE MUST HAVES 91101211 Seaman Bag Small 35 Liters 91101212 Seaman Bag Medium 50 Liters 91101213 Seaman Bag Large 75 Liters

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G-NAUTICS VFS VELCRO FIXATION SYSTEM Years ago we have developed our Velcro Fixation Fystem with one thing in mind: NO DRILLING holes! We understand that your customers do not want to drill holes in their boat for assembling accessories. The load from the bags is spread over a large area with high quality Velcro and a technical glue. The soft Velcro strips are easy to remove after use. With the G-Nautics Velcro fixation system drilling holes is no longer necessary and it also gives the possibility to store the products easy and fast inside the boat. E C O Textile For our iQ and Acrylic...

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