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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018


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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 3

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” (Henry Ford)

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 4

While projecting a fridge we put in the center your idea A workshop of ideas and projects for customers Each custom project is unique

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 5

For marine pleasure, home, offices, industry and special projects Clean and elegant design Choice of style taking into account every single detail Accurate advice and assistance pre and post sale Experience, reliability, overall quality

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 6

Experience, reliability, overall quality 6 - Frigonautica

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 7

STANDARD The STANDARD SERIES includes refrigerators and freezer with fixed dimension, but the wide choice of models and options guarantee at the same time a wide range of customization. All models are designed by keeping in mind the overall quality, and they are all made of stainless steel. Designed with particular attention to marine pleasure sector, all models have high level finishing. The door, for instance, is made by 304 stainless steel inside and 316 stainless steel outside; it is reversible and equipped with a special three-pole magnet seal. The linear designed closing mechanism...

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 8

Refrigerator, refrigerator with small freezer, freezer 8 - Frigonautica

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 9

STANDARD The use of stainless steel, which has always emphasized the Frigonautica products, represents the distinctive characteristic of this standard range which is made-up by vertical opened refrigerators and freezer; top opened refrigerators and freezer; drawers refrigerators and wine cellar. Vertical opened models are available in eight different capacity lines: 160Lt, 130Lt, 115Lt, 90Lt 80Lt, 60lt, 50Lt and 42Lt. Models with big capacity (160lt - 130Lt - 115Lt - 80Lt) are available in the following versions: 1) efrigerator or freezer equipped with remote refrigerating unit, connected...

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 10

Copyright LOGICA YACHTS – “MY LOGICA” 10 - Frigonaut

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 11

STANDARD 42 It is the smallest Standard series model, has a capacity of only 42Lt, which can be used entirely given that the shelf and bottle holder can be pulled-out and the compressor is located externally.

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 12

350 With the same dimensions of the commercial Ice Maker, Series 50 is the perfect solution to sobstitute this items, and gives the opportunity to have a small fridge or freezer for daily use. 2.5 m

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 13

STANDARD 60With compact dimensions, Serie 60 has an usefull internal space due to the adjustable shelves avaiable only with remote refrigerating unit. Series

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 14

Its dimensions are compact and its internal spacing is well organized thanks to adjustable shelves or sliding drawers, and a small very useful (in model AC) ice compartment.

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 15

STANDARD 90With compact dimensions, Serie 90 offers an useful regular internal space; it is available with glass door and special shelves for bottles. Remote compressor only. Frigonautica - 15

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 16

Thought for using the space height-wise, this model has a great fitting capacity in spite of its reduced dimensions. CO cn

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 17

STANDARD 130 It is a typical under-top model, available in both the built-in version and that with a separate compressor, and it suits any kind of customization.

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 18

It is the Standard series model which has the greatest capacity and is offered in many solutions: with an internal or external compressor, with or without a freezer compartment, shelves, drawers etc.

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 19

Quickly couplings, thermostat Even if we are talking of a standard series, several optionals allow different - DIGITAL THERMOSTAT In order to keep the internal temperature under control and have real time indications of fridge functionality. - QUICKLY COUPLINGS Special couplings which allow to separate cabinet from compressor avoiding gas loosing. That’s very useful during installation which do not request skilled technical personal.

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 21

Door, fixing kit, sliding kit, bottom plate - DOOR SLIDING KIT - STAINLESS FRAME - STAINLESS STEEL PLATE FOR BOTTOM Sliding mechanism which replaces the handle To easily fix the cupboard to forniture. In order to avoid that foods placed on bottom in the case of a fully built-in installation.

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 22

the above solutions are possible examples

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 23

5 shelves 4 bottles each 4 shelves 4 bottles each 5 shelves 4 bottles each 3 shelves 4 bottles each 2 shelves 4 bottles each

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 25

DRAWERS REFRIGERATORS With clean and compact design, the drawer refrigerators are supplied with internal walls in polished 304ba stainless steel and frontal part and drawers in 316 brushed stainless steel. Through an accurate design and the choice of high quality materials, the company has been able to exploit in the best of ways the volumes without disregarding the structural firmness. Frigonautica proposes three different models with one or two sliding drawer, suiting different loading needs. The smallest model with one drawers is particularly suitable for small location as under sets or...

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 27

When realizing also this product, Frigonautica has focused on details and searched technical solutions to allow a practical and comfortable usage. The drawers' compartment inside walls are made in polished 304ba stainless steel, the frontal side and drawers are made of 316 brushed stainless steel. The foamed polyurethane insulation, with no CFC, has a thickness of a 40 mm and contains the copper pipe evaporator. The system for gathering and exhausting the condensed steam, located on the ground, is easily connected to the outside. A mechanical or digital thermostat (option) grants the...

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 28

Glass door, functional design 28 - Frigonautica

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 29

WINE COOLER Thanks to its functional and modular design, the Frigonautica wine cellar can hold up to 16 bottles, arranged on 4 shelves. Lights L.E.D. light the interior space and mechanical or digital thermostat (option) regulate precisely internal temperature. The quality of the materials used and the accuracy of the finishes make this product one of the most exclusive of the standard range. Wine cooler

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 30

Quality of the materials, easy access, practical usage 30 - Frigonautica

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General Catalogue Frigonautica 2018 - 31

The SPECIAL SERIES consists of different refrigerator and freezer models, loaded from top, which have been thought to optimize the on-board space by exploiting even the smallest areas. Just like the other Frigonautica products, even those of the Special series use stainless steel, high quality materials and technical arrangements which guarantee their reliability. All the models are equipped with an external airtight refrigerating unit.

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