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Your success counts Loop Powered, Multi-Purpose Indicator for universal applications Application examples: Salty Off-Shore conditions Extreme cold weather at polar regions The F-Series is your first and safest choice for field mount indicators in safe and hazardous area • Universal loop powered indicator. applications. Especially in harsh weather conditions • Input signal: 4 - 20mA with ultra low voltage drop <1V DC. like rain, snow, salty atmospheres and temperatures • Displays the actual value, measuring unit and loop current. • Very large 26mm (1”) digits. • Piegraph indication: ten segments. Advantages • Robust aluminum or stainless steel 316L field enclosure (IP67 / NEMA Type4X). It is so rugged, a truck can even stand on it! • Intrinsically Safe available - ATEX, IECEx and CSA approval for gas, dust and mining applications. • Programming can be done by your own crew, with the • Number of digits: 5 1/2. • LED backlight circuit, separated from the input circuit.. • Selectable engineering units for many different applications: L- NL- mL - M3- AM3- NM3 - mg - g - Kg - TON- OZ- GAL USGAL - IGAL - lb - bbL- cf - CUFt - scf - p - rev - °C - °F - °K - % - M - mm - CM - mtr - inch - Ft - SQFt – Yd - PSI - psig - sensible menu-driven structure, saving cost and irritation. mbar - MbARG - bar - barg – bara – PA - PAG - KPA – KPAG Know one, know them all! • Very diverse mounting possibilities: walls, pipes, panels or directly onto outdoor sensors!

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Your success counts The F490 is a local indicator to display the actual process value, All configuration settings are accessed via a simple operator range and loop current. The measuring unit to be displayed is menu which can be password protected. Each setting is clearly simply selected through an alfa-numerical configuration menu. No indicated with an alphanumerical description, which avoids adhesive labels have to be put on the outside of the enclosure: confusing abbreviations and baffling codes. Once familiar with a weather proof and user friendly solution! The configuration of one...

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F 490 Datasheet - 3

Your success counts Overview application F490 The F-Series is your first and safest choice for field mount indicators in safe and hazardous area applications. Especially in harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, salty atmospheres and temperatures between -30°C up to +70°C (-22°F up to 158°F). The F490 takes operating energy from an input current (2-wire 4 - 20mA) and reduces installation cost. It accepts a wide range of process instruments, including flow (linear or square root), level, pressure and temperature transmitters. The proces values of all these types of instruments, can be...

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Your success counts Enclosures Various types of enclosures can be selected, all ATEX, IECEx and CSA approved. The F490 is supplied in an GRP panel mount enclosure as standard, which can be converted to an IP67 / NEMA 4X GRP field mount enclosure by the addition of a back case. Most popular is our robust aluminum field mount enclosure which is so rugged, even a truck can stand on it! This is also available with an extended backcover with undrilled preparation for direct meter mounting at the back side. For the most challenging environments, we have a durable high grade Stainless steel 316L...

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F 490 Datasheet - 5

Your success counts Terminal connections Backlight supply Digits 51/2 digits. (height 26mm / 1”). Units L – NL – mL – M3 – AM3 – NM3 – mg – g – Kg – TON – OZ – GAL – USGAL – IGAL – lb – bbL– cf – CUFt – scf – p – rev – °C – °F – K – % – M – mm – CM – mtr – inch – Ft – SQFt – Yd – PSI – psig – mbar – MbARG – bar – barg – bara – PA – PAG – KPA – KPAG – MPA – INHG – mmHg – mmH2O – MH2O – INH2O – Ph – mA – A – uS – PPM – RPM – no unit. Time units /SEC – /S – /MIN – /M – /HR – /H – /DAY – /D Note Selecting “/-----“ disables the time unit. Decimals 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 or 5. Displayed information 10...

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F 490 Datasheet - 6

Your success counts Hazardous area applications Electrical safety The F490-XI has been certified according to ATEX and IECEx The input circuit of the indicator is designed such that it does by KEMA and according CSA c-us for use in Intrinsically Safe not influence the intrinsically safe circuit to which it is connected. applications with an ambient temperature of -30°C to +70°C (In the USA the application is covered by the entity concept.) Input circuit (terminals 4 & 5) in type of explosion protection • The ATEX markings for gas and dust applications are: intrinsically safe Ex ia IIC, with...

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F 490 Datasheet - 7

Your success counts Power requirements Signal inputs - Sensor Type PL Input loop powered from sensor signal 4 - 20mA Voltage drop < 1V DC @ 20mA. Type ZB For backlight 20 - 30V DC. Power from IS source (Uo = 28V, Io = 200mA, Po = 0.96W max.). Note XI For Intrinsically Safe applications, consult the safety values in the certificate. Type A 4 - 20mA. Analog input signal can be scaled to any desired range within 4 - 20mA. Accuracy Resolution: 16 bit. Error < 0.01mA / ± 0.05% FS. Low level cut-off programmable. Span 0.00001 - 199,999 with variable decimal position. Offset -99,999 / +199,999...

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F 490 Datasheet - 8

Your success counts Aluminum wall / field mount enclosures Window Polycarbonate window. Sealing Silicone. Control keys Three industrial micro-switch keys. UV-resistant silicone keypad. General Die-cast aluminum wall/field mount enclosure IP67 / NEMA Type4X with 2-component UV-resistant coating. Extended back cover available with undrilled preparation for flowmeter mounting. Dimensions 130 x 120 x 75mm (5.12” x 4.72” x 2.95”) - W x H x D. 130 x 120 x 90mm (5.12” x 4.72” x 3.54”) - W x H x D. Weight 1100 gr. / extended enclosure: 1310 gr. Type HA Cable entry: 2 x PG9 and 1 x M20. Type HL...

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