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Your success counts Loop Powered, Multi-Purpose Indicator for universal applications Application examples: Salty Off-Shore conditions Extreme cold weather at polar regions The E-Series provides unequalled safety and ease of use, opening the cover is history. The through-glass • Explosion proof according ATEX and IECEx. keypad enables operability without interruptions. The • Universal loop powered indicator. E-Series saves time, money and hassle and delivers user- • Input signal: Isolated 4 - 20mA, low voltage drop <1.5V DC. friendliness in the toughest conditions. • Displays the actual value, measuring unit and loop current. • 5 Large 17.3mm (0.7”) digits. Advantages • Save time and gain flexibility with the easy-to-operate through • Bargraph indication: ten segments of 10%. • Easy configurable via PC with free downloadable software. glass keypad: no need to remove the front cover or to arrange a • LED backlight (power from loop), separated from 4-20mA input. work permit. • Create a custom measuring unit with max. 8 characters. • Intuitive “Know one, know them all!” configuration menu, saving time, cost and aggravation. • Cost saving with an easy to install, spacious chamber, plug and play connectors and 1” NPT thread for flow meter mounting. • Durable high grade stainless steel 316L Ex d enclosure for extremely salty atmospheres (offshore). • Selectable engineering units for many different applications: LNL- mL - M3- AM3- NM3 - mg - g - Kg - TON- OZ- GAL - USGAL - IGAL - lb - bbL- cf - CUFt - scf - p - rev - °C - °F - °K - % - M - mm - CM - mtr - inch - Ft - SQFt – Yd - PSI - psig - mbar MbARG - bar - barg – bara – PA - PAG - KPA – KPAG - MPA INHG – mmHg - mmH2O - MH2O – INH2O- Ph – mV

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Your success counts Hazardous areas The E490 is a local multi-purpose indicator to display the actual The E-Series has been certified according ATEX and IECEx. with process value, range and loop current. The measuring unit to be displayed is simply selected through an alfa-numerical configuration menu. The E-series distinguishes itself by its quality • The ATEX markings for gas and dust applications are: and functionality driven European design and manufacturing. It is more than fulfilling the rules for explosion proof design, it is about safety during the daily operation. Often, the...

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Your success counts Overview application E490 The E490 takes operating energy from an input current (2-wire 4 - 20mA), allowing easy installation in almost any 2-wire, 4-20mA loop. It accepts a wide range of process instruments, including flow (linear or square root), level, pressure and temperature transmitters. The proces values of all these types of instruments, can be displayed in their own engineering units. The E490 offers you a multi-purpose indicator designed to be used in rough and tough applications, beyond being just explosion proof. Its sturdy design and ease of use are...

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Technical specifications E490 Dimensions enclosures Your success counts Terminal connections Aluminum & Stainless Steel 316L enclosure Main Electronics Module BACKLIGHT POWER SUPPLY + POWER SIGNAL INPUT + CURRENT LOOP LINK SERVICE CONNECTOR Switch CABLE SHIELD LINK Up: Loop + Backlight (Voltage drop: <6.5V) Down: Loop only (Voltage drop: <1.5V) For remote configuration with a PC. Software free downloadable: www.fluidwell.com/software (Special cable required, ordernr. ACE02) Power / Signal input Current Loop Link Shielding link Backlight supply Display example Enclosure types Type HA_ Weight...

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Your success counts Hazardous area - Explosion proof Type High intensity transflective numeric and alphanumeric LCD, UV-resistant, with bright backlight (when externally powered). Intensity can be adjusted via the keypad. Dimensions Ø 65 x 45mm (2.56” x 1.77”). Digits Five 17.3mm (0.7”) and eleven 7mm (0.3”) digits. Various symbols and measuring units. ATEX certification Bargraph Digits Relation 10 segments of each 10%. To the min. and max. input signal (0 - 100%). Displayed information Digits 5 digits. (height: 17.3mm / 0.68”). Units L – NL – mL – M3 – AM3 – NM3 – mg – g – Kg – TON – OZ –...

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Your success counts Description Model Loop Powered, Multi-Purpose Indicator. Galvanically isolated 4 - 20mA input. No communication, remote configuration possible. Die-cast aluminum Ex d enclosure. Stainless steel 316L Ex d enclosure. No digital output available. Input loop powered from sensor signal type “A”. Explosion proof according ATEX and IECEx. Backlight is included as standard. The bold marked text contains the standard configuration: E490-A-CX-HAA-OX-PL-XD-ZB. Important: specifications are subject to change without notice. Copyright: Fluidwell bv - 2023 - E49

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