Genset Equipment and Accessories 2019 - 90 Pages

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Genset Equipment and Accessories 2019

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Genset Equipment and Accessories

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Thank you for your interest in our products. This catalogue will provide you with a selection of our comprehensive accessory programme. unless stated otherwise, must be included in your order when purchasing the genset. The subsequent refitting is possible only if Fischer Panda has the pertinent upgrade kits available in their programme. The catalogue consists in two parts: Part 2 contains our accessory programme. Fischer Panda offers complete kits for installation and service tasks. All In Part 1, you will find various equipment components for your genset that can be ordered in addition to...

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1. Gensets Equipment Components 1.1 Sound Insulation / Coatings 1.2 Expanded Generator Function 1.3 Remote Control Panel 1.4 Current Distribution Switching Monitoring

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Reference Tables for Service and Installation Hose Diameter

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Gensets Equipment Components Sound insulation Expanded generator functions Remote control Current distribution and switching

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Capsule material glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) stainless steel (MPL) Sound insulation materials Sound insulation The super low-noise sound insulation system For the highest standards of sound level The most significant advantage of all Fischer Panda generators is the low sound level. The super low-noise sound insulation system are offered in different versions. 3D (thickness 25 mm) 4DS (thickness 40 mm) 6DS (thickness 60 mm) Capsule designs The Panda marine gensets up to 25 kW and all Panda vehicle gensets up to 12 kW are fitted with a sound insulation capsule made from glass fibre...

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Generator Equipment Components Sound Insulation Versions Sound insulation capsule versions The Fischer Panda sound insulation capsules are available for order either in the standard design or as a higher quality version. The following upgrade options are available: GFRP sound insulation capsule Sound insulation materials The thickness of the sound insulation material is approx. 25 mm (3D) for the marine gensets and approx. 40 mm (4DS) for the vehicle gensets. For a surcharge, the sound insulation capsules can also be supplied with a thicker sound insulation of up to 60 mm (6 DS). Sound...

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Generator with the color of your choice Individual Generator Color

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The standard finish ist not always the best choice for you, e.g. if you want a generator, which should show a uniform appearance color with your vehicle. We paint your generator individually according to your wishes, if you prefer a different color. Please inquire about details if desired

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Expanded Generator Generator Equipment Function 24 volts starter system Automatikstart Expanded Generator Function Hydraulic Coupling General Signal Interface Keel Cooling Hot Water Connection Restart Protection 2-polige installation Sliding Rails Sand filter Water Heating Battery Moniitor The functions of all Fischer Panda gensets can be expanded. For this purpose, Fischer Panda offers various equipment components that can be ordered along with the genset when it is purchased.

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Generator Equipment Components 24 Volt Starter System With this starter system, all required components are designed for 24 V. Many special applications require a 24 V starter system instead of the standard 12 V starter system, which is then connected to a 24 V battery. The system consists in a 24 V electric starter, glow plugs, and a 24 V alternator. The internal control system of the gensets, however, still runs on 12 V. 24 Volt Starter System Genrator for Panda 5000i Panda AGT 4000 Panda 8000x -18x Panda 8000i - 15000i Panda 7,5-4 Panda 24x - 30x Panda 25i Hydraulic Coupling for...

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Generator Equipment Components 1.2 EXPANDED GENERATOR FUNCTIONS Display Kit The display kit consists in an oil pressure gauge and a cooling water temperature gauge and sensors on the genset. The gauges are supplied as detail parts and can e.g. be installed in the control cabinet. The contact lines are routed out of the genset. Additional gauges are available upon request. Supplied without a control cabinet! Sample installation of display kit Oil pressure gauge all Fischer Panda Generators (außer i-Serie und x-Serie) Keel Cooling The generators are equipped with a dual circuit cooling system...

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Generator Equipment Components 1.2 EXPANDED GENERATOR FUNCTIONS Hot Water Connection The genset can be fitted with two extra connections for an external hot-water circuit. The hot water can be used e.g. for heating rooms. Water infeed (cold) and water outlet (hot) are fitted with a ball valve. A thermostat valve is required and must be installed by the for generator customer. for all AC gensets starting with Panda 8000 (3,000 RPM) for all AC gensets starting with Panda 6500 (3.600 UpM) for all AC gensets starting with Panda 7.5-4 (1,500 RPM) for all DC gensets starting with Panda AGT-DC...

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Genrator Equipment Components 2-pole Installation With 2-pole or floating ground installations, the earth connection is established between engine starter system (electric starter, glow plugs, and alternator) and the battery when the diesel engine is started up. After the start-up process, this connection is automatically disconnected, and the system is operated as an isolated circuit. The 2-pole installation i.g. helps to avoid galvanic corrosion. The kit consists in an insulated continuous duty relay incl. cable set and is either preinstalled on the genset or can be purchased as an...

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Remote Control Panel for controlling and monitoring the Panda genset Simple operation The genset can be operated conveniently from the cabin with the Fischer Panda panels. It is even possible to switch multiple panels in parallel, or to operate them with a slave panel. This enables the user to operate the genset from different locations with great flexibility. One panel may be installed e.g. in the cabin and the other on the fly bridge, the trailer, or in the engine room. Functions The remote control panel in its standard version for Panda 5000 and up monitors six functions: engine cooling...

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