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fincantieri / company profile seven seas

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mega yachts merchant ships naval vessels cetena s.p.a. marine systems and components etihad ship building llc

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isotta fraschini motori s.p.a. fincantieri marine group llc after sales seastema s.p.a. seaonics sp. zo.o. fincantieri marine systems north america inc. ship repair and conversion marine interiors s.p.a. fincantieri do brasil participações s.a. orizzonte sistemi navali s.p.a.

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seven seas _one company

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Like a grand design in the stars, there is a global network of interconnected knowledge and expertise, on sea and on land, where day by day a group is growing and adding fresh value all along the chain, creating a whole that is so much greater than its parts. This is Fincantieri. A high added-value global group active in every market segment, across the water and around the world. Come il riflesso di un grande disegno tracciato tra le stelle, c’è una rete globale di connessioni del fare e del sapere, sul mare e a terra, lungo la quale nasce e cresce un gruppo che aumenta, ogni giorno di...

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the world in one design il mondo in un disegno

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— Twenty-one shipyards across Europe, Americas and Asia. A workforce of twenty thousand people, 60% outside Italy. Revenues of four billion euros. These figures underscore our supreme competitiveness in the market. We are a global multinational. And we are unique. Because we are the only company that can build all types of vessel, whatever their complexity. From cruise liners to mega yachts, military ships to high-tech offshore vessels. We are Fincantieri. Rooted in Italy, we operate worldwide. We are an ecosystem that welcomes the shipowners and assists them at every stage, from...

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responsibility responsabilità globalism globalità innovation innovazione diversification diversificazione people persone the sea ahead With over 7,000 vessels built, we are the heirs to over two hundred years of shipbuilding history, in Italy and beyond. Our bond with the sea is timeless. It is our element; it is in our blood. With this natural affinity, we can understand the sea better and faster than the rest, producing ships that are the stuff of legend, in any era. Con più di 7.000 navi costruite siamo gli eredi di oltre duecento anni di storia della marineria, non solo italiana. Il...

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First of all, we are a great group that, in the last years, made the right strategic interventions in order to face the market complexities in the best way. We made new investments in capacity, capability and infrastructures to build the basis and take all the growth opportunities. We had to face an historical landmark that generated a breakthrough in every economic system, and there Fincantieri was brave enough to change. Today, it is fundamental to strengthen more and more the sense of being part of a Group, so that the contribution and the commitment of all our workers can further...

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responsibility responsabilità globalism globalità innovation innovazione diversification diversificazione people persone the group’s biggest asset il valore del gruppo People, above all. Talented men and women from all over the world are our most exclusive resource. Constant collaboration and cooperation are a recipe for individual and collective growth, through ideas and good practice, skills and action, in an international and multidisciplinary exchange of experience. The ability of our team leaders to listen to and distil emerging ideas and to steer their group towards appropriate...

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fincantieri /// the global player

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solid and flexible in all markets solidi e flessibili in ogni mercato

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We have built our strength as a single unit that can operate with total flexibility in all high-potential markets, from leisure to luxury, defence to offshore. We can construct different types of vessel at the same time, and we are flexible enough to handle any alteration during the works. To complement our skills we bring in external suppliers – over 2,000 on average per project – offering high performance, swift service, and excellent value for money. Abbiamo costruito la nostra solidità sull’essere un blocco unico che al tempo stesso è capace di muoversi con la massima flessibilità in...

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responsibility responsabilità globalism globalità innovation innovazione diversification diversificazione people persone eyes on the future proiettati verso il futuro Each year, we invest 70 million euros on average in R&D, to offer the market the most advanced high-technology solutions and full product customization. Indeed, our ability not just to meet customer requirements but also to anticipate them is one of our core strategic assets. From the 60+ prototypes designed and built since 2002 to Project Mille, a new concept in designing the basic layout of cruise ships, our track record of...

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fincantieri /// the global player

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responsibility responsabilità globalism globalità innovation innovazione diversification diversificazione people persone working in transparency lavoriamo in trasparenza Ethics, social responsibility, transparency, loyalty, honesty, sustainability. For us, these values are not negotiable. Underpinning everything we do is a strict respect for the law and international conventions, worker health and safety, safeguarding the environment, and protecting the interests of shareholders, employees, clients, commercial and financial partners, and local communities and interest groups. Everyone...

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sustainable by nature sostenibili per natura Environmentally sustainable development is both an ethical imperative and a strategic necessity for us: sustainability means market competitiveness. In product terms, with a pool of resources dedicated to naval research plus the Group company CETENA (the Italian Ship Research Centre), we aim to cut atmospheric emissions and noise pollution as much as possible; this is a vital issue in ensuring shipping can access protected marine areas. We have been playing key roles in important collective international sustainability projects, such as...

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