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Offshore Solutions

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Company with premium synergies Fassmer is a dynamic family-owned enterprise in its fifth generation. The company´s operating goals are top quality and customer satisfaction. An expert in-house design and engineering team backed up by modern production facilities provides Fassmer with an exceptional capacity for innovation and ingenious technical solutions in Wind Power and Shipbuilding. Holger Fassmer Harald Fassmer Helihoist Made from fully corrosion resistant materials, the helihoist provides reliable and durable access to offshore wind turbines. It is used for rescuing injured people,...

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Offshore Gangways Smart Access System (SAS) What makes the difference? Fassmer provides different designs of offshore boarding systems. These boarding systems permit safe access during the installation phase, change of bigger components and O&M activities. Even under unfavourable weather conditions. Safe access to offshore wind turbines is our target. Customer´s special requirements are our duty and can be incorporated. Designed in accordance to the latest requirements for offshore boarding. Fassmer SAS assures safe access from stern or bow of a floating vessel even under bad weather...

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Wind Accommodation Modul (WAM) Offshore Service Vessels Fassmer offers self-supporting modular cabins for overnight stays as a shelter for service staff of offshore wind turbines. These tailor made Wind Accommodation Moduls, also being used for recreation, are ventilated, heated and equipped with beds, chairs and tables, sanitary blocks, emergency food rations and water bags according to SOLAS regulations. Easy connections to tower-electronics are prepared. In future, modern offshore service vessels will need to become increasingly flexible and fulfil a variety of operational demands....

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Fassmer Headquarters Germany | Berne Fassmer Germany | Rechlin Markos Poland | Globino Fassmer-Marland China | Zhongshan Visit our website Fr. Fassmer GmbH & Co. KG | Industriestraße 2 | 27804 Berne | Germany Phone +49 44 06 942-0 | Fax +49 44 06 942-100 | Fassmer Germany | Bardenfleth

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