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Your flexible partner for safety Fassmer is a dynamic forward-looking company owned and managed by the fifth generation of the founding family. Worldwide, more than 900 employees work in Compact Life- and Rescue Boats Yacht Style Life Saving Appliance the six business areas: Shipbuilding, Harald Fassmer Lifeboats, Deck Equipment, Wind Power, Composite Technology and After-Sales Service. They all are committed to the company and our clients. Holger Fassmer Holger and Harald Fassmer manage the company according to quality-driven and customer-oriented values. The many synergies between the six...

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Fassmer on all the world’s seas! You’ll encounter Fassmer wherever people go to sea for work or pleasure. Fassmer vessels and equipment supply the functionality and satisfy demanding specifications. Our customers especially appreciate our extreme flexibility in meeting their requirements – so our list of references is as long as our product spectrum is broad.

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Boat Type Fassmer Compact Life- and Rescue Boats – conventional classic! Life boat Rescue boat Hoisting hook distance (mm) Fassmer Compact Life- and Rescue Boats (CLR) are designed for exceptional and quick performance under the most severe conditions. Totally enclosed, they are compact and modular, designed to fit into tight spaces and to pilot easily. The big aft boarding doors make for the fastest possible embarkation. * Weight refers to dry cargo version Highly versatile: Up to four embarkation doors, hinged or sliding doors possible Best stability and self righting: Inner and outer...

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Fassmer Freefall Lifeboats – maximum safety! Make the best of the worst case! If the worst case happens, only speed and reliability count. A freefall lifeboat is the fastest and safest way of escaping from a vessel/platform. Boat Type Max. Capacity (Person) Life boat 30 * Weight refers to dry cargo version Soft seating Freefall Lifeboats Innovative single point suspension Range of sizes and features: Capacities up to 30 persons, dropheights up to 26 m Very adaptable: Takes up little space and can be installed at greater heights Simulated launch device 8 Innovative technology: New generation...

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Rescue and Fast Rescue Boats – fast all-rounders! Max. Capacity (Person) Life boat 6 Fassmer offers a wide range of Rescue and Fast Rescue Boats for ferries, cruise ships, work vessels or offshore platforms. These rugged boats are made of innovative GRP materials with long service lives. * other engines upon request Extremely flexible: Fassmer offers a big range of rescue and fast rescue boats with petrol outboard or diesel inboard engines Top speed: Up to 35 knots Reliability: Fassmer Rescue (RR) and Fast Rescue Boats (FRR) are used on many sea going installations around the world...

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Fassmer Life and Tender Boats – the powerful two-in-one! Boat Type Hoisting hook distance (mm) Tender boat Life boat Rescue boat This is the perfect synergy: Ship to shore and shore to ship with a lot of comfort combined with additional lifeboat function. Fassmer delivers the first certified tender for up to 267 persons lifeboat capacity. And not enough with that, Fassmer has got the most compact and shortest lifeboat for 150 persons available on the market. o mple space for each person, good A view from all seats, integrated sundeck option o Quick and easy access for all, including...

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Boat Type inboard diesel inboard diesel Your professional partner for High Speed RIBs Weight fully equipped, without persons (kg) Max. Capacity (Person) Propulsion Speed (knots) Towing force (N) The perfect choice for high performance boats to cover multiple rote operations. LSA Code * exceeds length of 8.5 m FRIR 625 in navy version The perfect choice for multi role service: o pecial operations S o oarding, accessing other vessels B o scorting ships E o ransport T o edical ambulance M o iving D o escue R All boats are fully certified according to IMO/ SOLAS standards and can be used ship...

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Boat Type Yacht Style Life Saving Appliances Capacity LSA (pers) Capacity Tender (pers) Engine inboard diesel inboard diesel inboard diesel Stern Drive Stern Drive Speed (knots) Our extraordinary solutions for your extraordinary yacht. SEL-RT 8.5 in Davits No need to hide away. Fassmer has invented a new generation of elegant tenders. o xclusive design E o uxurious interior L o utstanding seagoing performance O All boats are fully certified according to IMO/SOLAS standards.

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Fassmer Davits – the powerful two-in-one! Compact inside-ship design if space is an issue Fassmer Davit Systems are the product of long and intensive experience – combined with our drive to supply the very best. They meet all the criteria for launching life boats fast and safely. We offer a great variety of different systems, right through to davits for high-quality operation under extreme climate conditions. Our customers choose the one which best suits their purpose. Fassmer Multi Pivot Davit (FMPD): Smart solution for integration of lifeboats in niches, made of premium materials to...

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Production – completeley committed to quality! Fassmer works on an extraordinary high level of expertise and experience. The employees in each section pull together according to one aim: 100% customer satisfaction. The company designs, manufactures, delivers, installs and commissions life- and rescue boats with the appropriate davit systems. Quality: Long experience and expertise in many different production techniques make for premium quality Synergies: Close cooperation among the four company divisions – shipbuilding, lifeboats, deck equipment and GRP technology – increases production...

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Fassmer After-Sales Service – round the clock and round the world! A friend is someone you can rely on. For our customers, the purchase of one of our boats or systems means the beginning of a lasting friendship. More than 200 authorized technicians in 40 countries provide technical support and regular maintenance. This worldwide service network ensures the safe and reliable operation of our products at all times. Our services: o Services and repairs for lifeboats, launching systems, accommodation ladders and boarding systems (IMO/MSC1206/MSC1331) o Service contracts o Backfitting of duplex...

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