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World Class Engine Monitoring and Analog Instrumentation

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With some of the most sophisticated information and instrumentation systems in the industry, and a range of products that are rugged enough to survive on military Humvee and heavy construction equipment, or with innovative styling for your boat or RV, Faria Beede Instruments, Inc. has the right products to meet future global needs for rugged, reliable, and innovative instrumentation. An ISO9001-2008 Registered Company For more than 50 years Faria has been dedicated to the principle of supplying our customers with the highest quality product at the most competitive prices. All Faria Beede...

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Contact Us P.O. Box 983 • 385 Norwich-New London Turnpike Uncasville, CT 06382 • p: 860.848.9271 • f: 860.848.2704 Jason Blackburn Vice President Sales and Marketing jasonb@faria-instruments.com Commercial and Military Sales Customer Service & Warranty Jason Clark Bill Desjardin Customer Service Manager faria@faria-instruments.com Commercial & Military Sales Manager bill.d@faria-instruments.com Marine Sales Frank Ahlbin Marine Sales Manager franka@faria-instruments.com ext. 1303 Aftermarket & Export Sales bobc@faria-instruments.com ext. 1262 John Alexopoulos OEM Sales Representative Marine...

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Control Panels and Instruments for Electronically Governed Engines Universal M150L20 Series Control Panel The M150L Series Control Panels are a universal platform of products designed to control J1939 electronically governed engines. With a family of panel configurations ranging from panel mount to single gauge to multi-gauge and a NEMA 4X enclosure virtually any installation can be met. If a panel or enclosure is not required the M150L series offers a kit containing all necessary parts that can be mounted in a customer specific panel design. With a full featured J1939 interface the M150L...

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Universal M150L Series Control Instruments The M150L Series Control Kits are designed to provide Plug N’ Play solutions for installations with existing panel designs and are featured in our L15 and L20 Engine Control panels. These kits are designed to control J1939 electronically governed engines. With a full featured J1939 interface the L00 series kits provide a complete interface for virtually any SAE J1939 data. With standard features such as “TSC1 Throttle Control”, “Fuel Level Input”, “Engine Oil Pressure” and “Engine Shutdown”, the L00 series kits provide the most features in the...

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Stand-Alone J1939 Instruments Faria Beede offers a complete line of J1939 standard and Stand Alone monitoring solutions for your CAN Bus engines. J1939 started as a communication and diagnostics tool in the car and heavy duty truck industry, J1939 is quickly becoming the norm in engine communications bus data for many more industries. Faria Beede Instruments, Inc. has worked with this protocol from its beginning. Today we provide many solutions for the different industries to have adopted J1939 including J-1939 Stand-Alone instruments. The J1939 Stand-Alone instruments are designed to plug...

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Instrument Shown Actual Size Configurable Two Line Display Compact packaging Displays active and stored faults Single or Dual Line Display Three discrete LED indicators Alarm output capable of switching up to Built in audible alarm (mutable) Built-in, sealed, tactile rubber keypad Bright, adjustable LED illumination Environmentally sealed connectors CAN Instruments Product Family Product Description The NexSysLink® CAN Bus display instrument reads and processes SAE J1939 compliant CAN messages. The sunlight visible, transflective LCD displays operating parameters and is complemented by...

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J1939 CAN Bus Panels, Clusters and Instruments New designs, including the popular MG3000 digital LCD display, adds the features of our best selling digital instrument in a single panel cluster design. Customize your panel with warning lights and discrete gauge functions. Features and Benefits • J1939 CAN Bus Instruments • Stand-Alone technology - Each instrument receives information directly from the J1939 Bus • Available in a wide variety of styles • Designed and manufactured to MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-465, MIL-STD-464, MIL-STD-810 and SAE J113-13 specifications • Multiple Analog and Digital...

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Multifunction gauges Dash boards are getting more and more crowded as today's technology explodes on to our boats. Often there are so many beeps and buzzes it's hard to see just what's happening. Of course you can fill up your dash with lots of little two inch discreet gauges but that too is often just as confusing. That's why Faria Beede developed our multi-function gauge. We combined the most useful discreet gauges into one gauge and then styled them to match any of our many Standard styles. But just like all the rest of our gauge you can make the look your own. Our award winning...

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J-1939 Tell-Tale Indicator with 30 Icon Positions CAN Instruments Product Family Features and Benefits • Environmentally sealed connectors • Custom icon configurations available • Up to ten discrete inputs switched either high or low • SAE J-1939 CAN protocol support • Connects seamlessly with NexSysLink MNI instruments • Bright LED illuminated tell-tales • Built in audible alarm and switched output This CAN based product complements the NexSysLink® instrument system by providing thirty LED illuminated operator alert tell-tales along with an audible alarm to alert users to multiple fault...

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Snap-In Multifunction Gauges Designed to SAE specifications for Dust, Vibration and Water intrusion. The Snap-In instruments provide a Heavy Duty instrument in a easy to install push-in case manufactured in the USA. This multifunction instrument provides many useful features in a small compact design. Available functions include; Inductive Tachometer, Hourmeter, Programmed Service Intervals and an analog discrete function (Ammeter, Voltmeter, Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Level, Fuel Pressure) No back clamp, washers, nuts or tools are required to install the gauge into your...

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