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Fanatic represents an addiction to ride. Our mission is to create that magic board for your enjoyment. We’re proud of our established design team, manufacturing techniques and valued team riders, who all contribute towards our premium products. Fanatic is an iconic brand founded in 1981, giving us three decades of Boardriding history. Pioneering innovation and design, we are considered one of the world’s leading watersports brands. We pride ourselves on constant evolution, creation of new concepts, and technological standards. As a rider- and product-driven brand we certainly stand out. Our...

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RADICAL WAVE Our Fanatic Waveboards are renowned for their fast and sporty ride, their ease and wide range of use and their unlimited radicalness if you dare to go for it. For 2016 we have redesigned the range of radical wave shapes and extended the horizon with a brand new addition, the Stubby TE, a super compact parallel rail concept with an amazingly easy and stable ride, spiced with a skaty and slashy surf style. Two sizes – 77 and 88 – will refresh your perspective. Looking for full rail carving style? Then the Quad is your weapon of choice. Four sizes from 69 to 90 make your dreams...

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FREE STYLE Our SIX! times World Champ. The Skate TE – the benchmark of Freestyle windsurfing – took another title and is hungry for more! Fine tuned tail sections supply the 2016 version with even better acceleration – the basis for higher, faster and even more impressive Freestyle tricks. Coming in a fresh look of young and colourful graphics, the Skate TE is a must have for every Freestyle enthusiast out there. Unlimited and infinite Freestyle action guaranteed. The Biax Glass Sandwich (BGS) Skate is a slightly longer and more forgiving shape. Equipped with ease of use, it’s the ideal...

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WINDSURFING FREERIDE FREE RIDE Simply step on, hook in and enjoy yourself! The Fanatic Freeride range is focussed on ease of use and pure fun, spiced with the typical Fanatic performance. Our seven Gecko sizes (98 to 156) are the most user friendly and fun Freerideboards. The wider and thinner Gecko-Concept offers stability, easy planing and an unmatched glide through gybes and carving manoeuvres. If you’re a planing first timer, looking to finally get your power gybe dialled or if you’re just looking for an effortless cruise – the Gecko is what you want! If you want more performace, the...

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FAST GEAR Our Slalom, Racing and Speed line of Falcons has what it takes to dominate with ease. Lightning top speeds with full control at all times is the winning formula for our PWA World Cup Team. For 2016 we’ve spiced the Falcon TE and Falcon Slalom models with scarily fast acceleration and even easier handling in terms of control and gybing. Seven sizes from 90 to 152 of the Falcon TE cover all Slalom conditions and riders needs to find the dream quiver of highly tuned racing machines. For 2016 we bring the major sizes of the same shape (99, 112 & 121) in a Biax Glass Sandwich Light...

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WINDSURFING ENTRY START NOW Sharing the love for the sport and passing our addiction to ride to new faces and to the next generation is one of our constant missions. Whether it’s building the ideal Beginnerboard or the perfect platform to get kids up and going – Fanatic has an extensive knowledge base of what a newbie needs. With over 30 years of experience in getting new sailors hooked, feedback through our global network of schools and centers and last but not least getting our own kids infected with the windsurfing virus – we built the Viper and the Ripper to offer adults and kids the...

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WINDSURFING M AU I PHOTO S HOOT MAUI PHOTO SHOOT “On paper the photo shoot for the 2016 Fanatic catalogue is the sort of assignment that most photographers would cut off their trigger finger to score the gig. Same goes for all the riders involved; being part of a major photo shoot is surely one of the major lures of turning pro. A free ticket to the worlds mecca of windsurfing, blasting around on the latest brand kit right behind the likes of Alice Arutkin in her skimpy swimsuit, shredding the waves at Ho’okipa while a chopper is buzzing around overhead and by the end of the shoot, be...

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WINDSURFING M AU I PHOTO S HOOT “A massive photo shoot is a SHED LOAD OF VERY HARD WORK “I’m going to put it out there straight away; THE FANATIC PHOTO SHOOT IS THE BEST ONE to take part in! We have an amazing team, everyone loves windsurfing, there are no egos and what at times could be a drag is normally actually a lot of fun!” and aside from the fun part of actually taking the shots there are countless of hours on the dreaded computer editing. But everything said and done, the shoot can be such an adrenaline buzz, amazing fun, a privilege to be working with these worldclass athletes and...

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WINDSURFING OCEAN MINDED . CAD SHAPING Photo fish bowl diaries OZONE-FREE FOAM BLANKS LESS PAINT MORE PICTURESQUE PACKAGE SMART AUDITED FACILITIES FOR HEALTHIER WORKERS Photos  ricardo Bravo OCEAN MINDED Fanatic has an Ocean Minded ethos; protect what you love, which is why every board proudly displays the Fanatic Ocean Minded Logo. We promise to build boards for a greener environment, using ethically sourced and sustainable raw materials wherever possible. Fanatic is one of the few brands to use eco friendly Cork. Our mission is to improve our manufacturing process by constantly fine...

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FANATIC WS TECHNOLOGIES 2016 TXTR / IC / LF TEXTREME® INNEGRA CARBON LIGHT FINISH TECHNOLOGY INNEGRA CARBON LIGHT FINISH TECHNOLOGY (DOUBLE AND SINGLE) INNEGRA CARBON / BASALT CORK SANDWICH LIGHT FINISH TECHNOLOGY QUAD TE. TRIWAVE TE . FREEWAVE TE . SKATE TE . STUBBY TE FOR ULTRA LIGHT COMPOSITES The Spread Tow structure makes it possible to achieve thinner laminates. Straighter fibers with reduced crimp optimize and strengthen the composite. Lower crimp reduces the amount of excess plastic, thereby minimizing weight. TEXTREME® CARBON FABRICS CONVENTIONAL CARBON FABRICS (REGULAR TOW) 1 Top...

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