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2016 Collection - 3

STAND UP PADDLE BOARDING IS MORE THAN JUST A SPORT; IT IS A WAY TO SEE THE WORLD, A TOOL TO EXPLORE IT AND A GREAT WAY TO CONNECT WITH NATURE. IT IS A STATE OF MIND AND RESPECT AND APPRECIATE THE THINGS A SUP session can be calming, peaceful and shared with others. It can also be a perfect surf session, a race, a challenge to push your mind and Stand up paddle boarding can be done by everyone. A SUP can be used to surf, race, build muscle, cruise around, improve your cardio or just have fun. If you live near a lake, the ocean, a river or a creek a SUP will allow you to enjoy yourself on any...

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2016 Collection - 4

SINCE THE CREATION OF F-ONE, R&D HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A KEY THE GOAL OF F-ONE IS TO DELIVER HIGH-END PRODUCTS THAT HAVE BEEN THOROUGHLY TESTED BY THE R&D TEAM AND WILL ACCOMPANY The R&D team is always looking for new materials and technology to improve the performance of the gear. A few years ago we began testing bamboo fiber and found it to be light, strong and also able to absorb shocks. The high density of the bamboo cells makes them stronger, more stable and more elastic than oak. This thin fiber gets it strength from thin bark that is made up of solid paralle bamboo cables can be as strong...

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2016 Collection - 5

CONSTRUCTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES Our SUP benefit from our BAMBOO SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY construction. Every layer of bamboo is sandwiched with two layers of fiberglass. This allows the sandwich technology to emphasize the characteristics of the bamboo. The final result is a light structure that is super strong and extremely reliable. EPS FOAM BAMBOO FIBERGLASS CARBON HD FOAM BAMBOO DECK BAMBOO DECK + CARBON RAILS BEVELED RAIL CLASSIC RAIL REDUCED PLANING SURFACE For all surfers one of the inconveniences of a SUP is the large size of the rails, too big to dig into a turn. So, how do we make a SUP...

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2016 Collection - 6

CONSTRUCTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES SMART HANDLE Since 2015 the SUP range benefits from an innovative and multifunction handle developed by F-ONE. © Multifunction tool compartment More comfortable with advanced ergonomics, it is completely recessed and makes it easier to carry the SUP. The new handle helps a lot to grab the boards easily when lying flat on the ground or on A groove has been added onto the thread of the valve so that you only have to unscrew by a few turns to let the air out. No need to unscrew it com- pletely and therefore no risk to lose it. CLOSED MULTIFUNCTION TOOL OPEN...

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2016 Collection - 7

LIGHTING FAST ACCELERATIONS, MAXIMUM CARVING, TIGHT TURNS, DEVELOPED BY OUR BEST RIDERS. No need to force or move your feet around to turn the board: everything is natural. It becomes easier to follow the progression of the wave and carve your lines. Since 2015, the range includes two larger sizes designed to broaden the accessibility of these boards: both 8'5" x 31.5" and 8'8" x 33" sizes feature a BAMBOO DECK construction. Being more accessible thanks to their width and volume, a lot of work went into these boards to keep the speed and acceleration that makes them ultra responsive and...

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2016 Collection - 8

FULL BAMBOO SIDE FINS FUTURES* "indicative value, subjected to variation.

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2016 Collection - 10

THE MADEIRO PRO RANGE BENEFITS FROM A SPECIFIC CARBON This construction provides the MADEIRO PRO with superior strength and keeps them impressively light. The whole range therefore boasts an enviable weight to strength ratio and remains firmly within the lightest and best performing boards on the market. The shape of the 7'5" & 77" sizes features a rocker which has more lift at the nose and a better volume distribution making the boards even better balanced. On deck, the MADEIRO PRO are built using a bamboo / carbon sandwich: the bamboo sheets are laid over a layer of carbon fiber. On the...

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2016 Collection - 11

SIDE FINS FUTURES® SIDE FINS FUTURES® SIDE FINS FUTURES® Indicative value, subjected to variation,

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2016 Collection - 12

THE ANAKAO RANGE OPENS UP AND WILL HELP YOU GETTING BETTER AT IT. WITH A FAST PADDLING SPEED, SOME FIRST CLASS GRIP, AN INTUITIVE CARVING AND A PERFECT BALANCE DURING THE TURNS, THE ANAKAO BOARDS FEEL AT HOME IN ANY KIND Developed with the knowledge of our experienced surfer Remi QUIQUE and our Tahitian waterman Patrice CHANZY. In terms of shape, the key ingredients that made the success of these boards are: a rounded rocker line for maneuverability with enough acceleration potential and a thin tail outline to provide maximum grip and drive. With their moderate width towards the nose, the...

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2016 Collection - 13

SIDE FINS SIDE FINS SIDE FINS SIDE FINS FUTURES® SIDE FINS FUTURES* "indicative value, subjected to variation.

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2016 Collection - 14

THE MANAWA 2016 RANGE HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO OFFER THE MOST STABLE, VERSATILE Ideal for your afternoon cruise along the beach, on a river or a lake, these boards will also let you catch and surf your first waves. The 4 boards of the range enable everyone to find its own fit in terms of volume / length ratio depending on his weight and skills. Ideal for the beginners and intermediate riders, the MANAWA will follow you along your learning process. With their rounded outline and proven rocker line, they glide easily through the water and are able to surf smaller waves. Thanks to their great...

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2016 Collection - 15

SIDE FINS SIDE FINS SIDE FINS SIDE FINS 'indicative value, subjected to variation.

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2016 Collection - 16

BENEFITS FROM THE AIR SHIELD COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY IS BUILT AROUND A LIGHT CORE MADE OF EPS FOAM INJECTED INTO A SPECIFIC MOLD CARVED TO ITS This core is then laminated with fiberglass and epoxy resin into another moid and wrapped inside a protective shield skin made of a high quality topsheet layer. A carbon reinforcement patch has been added in the standing area to strengthen the deck while keeping weight to a minimum. Thanks to its production technology the 10'6" MANAWA A.S.C. is really light, responsive and extremely durable. Its new construction adds to the well known qualities of the...

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2016 Collection - 17

THE F-ONE RACE COLLECTION COMBINES HIGH PERFORMANCES, VERSATILITY AND GREAT AESTHETICS Benefitting from the development trickling ^ down from the PRO range, these boards are designed to perform in all kind of racing disciplines: long distance, beach race, downwind, fitness... They are developed using numerous criterions such as speed on flat water or facing the wind with some chop, cross wind stability, ability to catch the bumps downwind, directional control... These changes are similar to the latest developments in the PRO range and provide a better efficiency when paddling at pace. The...

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