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2013 Collection - 1


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2013 Collection - 2

Stand up paddle boarding is more than just a sport; it is a way to see A SUP session can be calming, peaceful and shared with others. It can also be a perfect surf session, a race, a challenge to push your mind and body to the limit. the world, a tool to travel and a great way to connect with nature. It is a state of mind and a lifestyle. It is knowing how to respect and appreciate the things that surround us. Stand up paddle boarding can be done by everyone. A SUP can be used to surf, race, build muscle, cruise around, improve your cardio or just have fun. If you live near a lake, the...

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2013 Collection - 3

BOARDS Since the creation of F-ONE, research and development have always been a key component of our success. The goal of F-ONE is to deliver high-end products that have been thoroughly tested by the research and development team and will accompany you The research and development team is always looking for new materials and technology to improve the performance of the gear. A few years ago we began testing bamboo fiber and found it to be light, strong and also able to absorb shocks. The high density of the bamboo cells makes them stronger, more stable and more elastic than oak. This thin...

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2013 Collection - 4

CONS TRUC TION All of our SUP benefit from our Bamboo Sandwich Technology construction. Every layer of bamboo is reinforced with two layers of fiberglass. This allows the sandwich technology to emphasize the characteristics of the bamboo. The final result is a light structure that is super strong and extremely reliable. FULL BAMBOO MADEIRO & ANAKAO FULL BAMBOO MANAWA Fiberglass x 1 Bamboo x 1 Fiberglass x 1 Fiberglass x 1 Bamboo x 1 Fiberglass x 1 Fiberglass x 2 BAMBOO DECK MANAWA Fiberglass x 2 For all surfers one of the inconveniences of a SUP is the large size of the rails, too big to...

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2013 Collection - 6

7’7’’ The MADEIRO SUP line is made up of boards that will give you the sensation of riding a short board. They were developed in collaboration with Rémi QUIQUE an experience rider and surfer. These boards are designed to accelerate, carve tight turns, hit the lip hard and pull aerials. Very lively under your feet for a SUP, but well balanced, this board will allow you to go beyond your limits. Our goal was not to follow the trends of making a short board that can only be used in a very specific type of wave and unusable on most days. These are high performance boards made for expert riders,...

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2013 Collection - 7

The MADEIRO 7’11’’ was designed for experienced riders over 70 kg. Ideal for a surfer that wants to push the limits in waves in between 30 cm to 1.5 meters. Its 29 inch width makes it stable and efficient. This high performance board was fine-tuned by Rémi QUIQUE and has a good acceleration, excellent maneuverability and at 7’11” is impressive on the Take Off. The 7’11” has the outline of a shortboard. Right from the take-off you can sit on the tail and accelerate immediately. Well balanced with a fast rocker, but with enough in the nose to make it forgiving. The Bevel rails improve its...

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2013 Collection - 9

The prototypes were tested by Patrice CHANZY in Tahiti and the shapes were improved with his feedback. This 2013 board line was tested and approved by the most talented riders of the sport. paddle board line was designed to surf fast and powerful waves. It is the result of In terms of shape, the rocker is fairly pronounced on the tail, allowing riders to get deep in the pocket and stay in control at high speeds. The outline is fairly narrow in the tail with a small swallow tail that gives the board a solid grip on the wave. The nose is slightly narrower than the MANAWA; this makes the...

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2013 Collection - 10

Shaped to surf fast waves, this board is designed for experienced riders of medium built, but other riders can use it to adapt to certain wave conditions. The 8’10” kept the outline of the 2012 boards and is very similar to the 8’4”, but with a width of 29” it is above the width required to make the board stable. The nose was also made wider to increase stability on takeoff when the rider moves forward on the board. The 8’10” is the little brother if the 9’1’’ and 9’5’’ and benefits from an increase of volume from 109 to 117 liters. This board will deliver great drive and acceleration in...

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2013 Collection - 11

Volume 145 L Poids 9.35 kg* The new 9’5” with a 145 liters of volume and a reasonable width of 30.5”, was designed for heavier riders and big days. The length and volume will allow you to make a big critical drop and the 30.5” width will the Bevel rails will hold while carving full speed. With its fast rocker the ANAKAO will feel right at home on big waves, but will be surprisingly good on smaller days. The board will drive through any turn, but move back on the tail and the board becomes very lively. SIDE FINS FUTURES® F3 *Indicative value, subjected to variation.

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2013 Collection - 13

The positive feedback and success of the first generation of the MANAWA line was so good, that in 2013 we decided to create a new 9’6” and refine the shapes to make them even better. To reach a perfect balance the length/width ratio was optimized to reach an ideal level of stability and performance. This is why: optimized to give you the best sensations, whether you are cruising or surfing. The MANAWA board line is • the new 9’6” by 31” was added • the 8’6” goes to 30” and the 9’ to 30.5” • the 10’ kept its 32” width • the 10’6” also kept its 33 inches the latest generation of all around...

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2013 Collection - 14

The 9’ is the most versatile board of the MANAWA line; it is made for those who want a compact board that is accessible for all riders. Stable due to its width of 30.5” and lively at only 9’ long it is the perfect board to progress quickly. With a rounded outline the board will be very smooth and lively without having to reposition yourself on the board. Quick and efficient on takeoff, the MANAWA will maintain its speed and allow you to surf longer. Thanks to the new Bevel rails the 2013 model will be able to ride faster and bigger waves. The new 9’6” by 30.5” is the best compromise for...

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