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Low Profile Rowing Dock


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Low Profile Rowing Dock

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It takes a crew, working together as one, to win. Each member moves in sync, driven by the same goal, as they speed to the finish line. It may look effortless, but it’s a feat that requires perfect balance and unwavering focus. And at EZ Dock, we know nothing should stand in the way of finding that focus. It’s why we created a low profile dock that’s incredibly stable and durable, allowing your crew to get in the water quickly – and connect with what matters mos

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Our patented flotation technology is designed for extreme stability, regardless of dock position Our low-profile dock is tailored to the needs of rowers both individually or with a team. The freeboard height is extremely low to the water and supremely stable, allowing sure-footed loading, launching and docking from the perfect position for rowing. INDIVIDUAL ROWERS Engineered to meet the needs of both individuals and teams, the Low Pro Rowing Dock will get you out on the water effortlessly.

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Our two-stage displacement air chamber design (shown below) creates a stable environment regardless of water height or conditions, giving you the confidence to focus on your rowing session. Unlike other fixed docks that are set once installed, our coupling system is flexible and adaptable, easily reconfiguring as your needs change. LOW PROFILE ROWING DOCK MADE IN USA Freeboard height (5.6” unloaded) (underneath of dock section shown above) Flotation design with displacement air chambers, creates suction effect that enhances stability on the water. MODEL DESCRIPTION FLOTATION CAPACITY 80”...

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CASE STUDY Maximizing Training, Minimizing Doubt Low Profile Rowing Dock Helps College Programs Get More Out Of Practice Devastated by the loss of their dock following a flood in 2016, the Columbia Rowing Club in South Carolina knew installing a new high performance rowing dock was critical. College teams that travel miles from the northeast rely on Columbia for critical spring training that can make or break a season. Bob Gillette, Head Coach, URI Crew Team They chose the Low Profile Rowing Dock from EZ Dock, and teams immediately took notice. Bob Gillette, Head Coach of the University of...

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Enjoy a rowing dock that’s designed for seasons of maintenance-free use

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Our Low Profile Rowing Dock provides the utmost stability and convenience for you and your crew. Designed to meet FISA and USA rowing standards, it’s a favorite among clubs and universities, giving crews of all sizes easy access to the water upon entry and exit. With a modular design, our rowing dock is easy to install and integrates seamlessly into existing EZ Dock systems or traditional dock designs. MAINTENANCE-FREE & BAREFOOT FRIENDLY • EZ Dock’s polyethylene docks are durable and slip resistant • Won’t splinter or rot, never needs to be painted • Cleans easily with soap and water...

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For a complete list of products, visit EZ Dock may introduce new colors, products, accessories and options throughout the year. Specifications and products listed are subject to change without notice. Some products may be shown with additional or optional equipment not available through EZ Dock. Specifications may vary for international shipments. Please check with your local dealer for more information. EZ Dock is a product of the U.S.A. © 2017 EZ Dock, Inc. All rights reserved. EZD0008B

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