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Modular, Stable, Cool and Durable EZ Dock has been manufacturing floating dock products for 20 years. During this time we have had customers use our floating dock products in traditional applications, but also industrial marine applications for temporary and permanent work platforms. The reason they use EZ Dock is because of the ease of installation and dimensional flexibility allowed due to the number of sizes and shapes of dock sections we offer. The patented EZ Dock system is a snap to install. Just lay out the sections, bolt couplers in place, and tighten down the bolts. The patented...

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A view of the bottom and inside of an EZ Dock float section reveals flotation chambers and an extra-heavy wall thickness that creates tremendous structural integrity. Placement of these patented chambers also enhances the EZ Dock's floats are most stable dock on the market. EZ Dock floats do not require foam fillings therefore the environmental concerns related to foam are completely Special connection couplers are designed to allow sections to move independently under high-stress conditions, yet provide unified stability. Made with recycled material, the couplers are compounded to prevent...

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Access Walkways and Floats EZ Dock Industrial Floats are constructed using the highest quality materials. Made from linear low-density virgin polyethylene, EZ Dock products retain their strength in high and low temperatures. EZ Dock's innovative pylon design provides the best stability in the market. Each float has a working capacity of 62.5 pounds per square foot. Each 80" x 120" float section used in your design has capacity of 4,000 pounds. The construction of these floats includes wall sections that are extra thick in places where impact is likely to occur and have stainless steel...

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Work Platforms EZ Dock floats are coupled together using a tapered heavy-duty rubber coupler which wedges into molded receiver pockets on the dock's top and bottom. By tightening the coupler nut and bolt, the docks are secured. By using flexible rubber couplers, the docks can move under heavy wave action, or contour to the shoreline without damage to the overall system. The patented dock design floats entirely using a series of air filled chambers - one large internal chamber and a series of pylons on the underside. This pylon design creates a suction effect, holding the dock to the water...

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Mining & Environmental Most similar products for industrial purposes are heavy and cumbersome requiring cranes and heavy equipment set in place EZ Dock Industrial products are lightweight and can be moved by small equipment and placed into position without major expense. EZ Dock Industrial floats are an agile yet tough system than can be moved easily; and with little expense in time Chief Joseph Dam - Columbia River Industrial floats have been used at numerous work sites, their high buoyancy of 62.5 PSF and lightweight design simplifies the challenges inherent with overwater work sites....

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Barges EZ Dock Industrial Floats have been used numerous times for diving contractors. With low freeboard stability, ease of assembly and disassembly and the ability of the docks to carry a large amount of weight, users can gain access to difficult areas for over-water commercial usage. Bureau of Recreation Semioe, WY The platforms shown here were used for underwater work at a specific Hydro project throughout North America. Multiple platforms joined at final worksite Platform under its own power Platform being pushed to jobsite 6

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For more information on EZ Dock's Industrial Applications or design assistance contact us at www.ez-doc Scan this code to go to Emergercy spillway gate cable

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