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There’s something about being out on the water on a PWC that makes you feel truly alive. Free as the waves and the wind you’re flying through, constantly in motion, feeling the flow of nature all around you, going anywhere your mood takes you. But the wind and the waves that make PWCs so exciting are also their biggest threats while they’re in port. That’s why EZ Dock® created the EZ Port line of PWC ports— to protect your PWC from the elements while helping you get in and out of port as effortlessly as the wind and the waves y

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EZ Dock revolutionized PWC docking and launching with the introduction of EZ Port®, the original, drive-on, push-off PWC port. Our patented one-piece design pioneered the use of adaptable rollers, perfected the self-centering split entry and created the modular inline system for the simple, durable and efficient storage of multiple PWCs: EZ PORT 20 This patented, top-of-the line, self-centering drive-on port features a split entry and self-adjusting rollers that make loading and unloading of all PWCs smooth and effortless. EZ PORTWW[°) VALUE | XTREME | PERFORMANCE \J ZAi U The VXP lifts rec...

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There’s a beautiful simplicity to being out on the water. Your cares and your troubles just seem to fade into the distance, carried away effortlessly by the wind and the wake of your PWC across the water. At EZ Dock, we believe that launching and landing your PWC should feel just as relaxing and effortless — which is why we created the EZ Port 2i, the drive-on PWC port that launched the rest of our line

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EZ Port 2i Drive-On Port EZ Port revolutionized docking and launching with the EZ Port 2i, the original drive-on PWC port. This patented, top-of-the-line PWC port is the simplest and most durable drive-on, push-off method of dry docking. Its single-piece, self-centering design with split entry and self-adjusting rollers makes loading and unloading smooth and effortless, even for beginner PWC operators. EZ Port 2i Features and Benefits • UV-16-protected, rotationally molded polyethylene • ndustry-leading impact resistance requires no environmentally I harmful foam filling • atented...

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The EZ Port 2i is considered the best PWC port available today. With its revolutionary self-adjusting design, this port makes loading and unloading of PWCs of any shape up to 1,700 lbs (771kg) smooth and effortless.

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Innovative drive-on design Adjustable roller system mooring holes accommodates multiple centering rollers move with caps hull shapes laterally for easy entry Split-entry design guides prevent overshooting The EZ Port 2i’s revolutionary design makes driving on smooth and effortless — just Idle up, ease into the throttle, then roll to the front of the port

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Out on the water is where the action is, so that’s where you want to be. Not stuck on the dock, worrying about your PWC. Cruising the waves is just the escape you need, trading your worries for the wind in your hair, the spray of the waves in your face and adrenaline pumping through your veins. The water is where you come alive — and the new EZ Port VXP from EZ Dock is designed to make sure that nothing stands between you and that feeling

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EZ Port VXP The EZ Port VXP gives you real peace of mind, knowing that your PWC is well-protected against the weather, waves, wakes, or sinking at the dock. It makes cleaning, maintaining and boarding your PWC as effortless as easing it onto the port or into the water. The VXP connects seamlessly with any EZ Dock system, is compatible with all existing docks, and can be secured to the shore or lakebed without a dock. It is designed to accommodate most recreation and rec-lite PWCs. Easy wheel adjustments Visit the EZ Dock YouTube channel to see the See how easily wheel adjustments can be made

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EZ PORTW^[°) VALUE | XTREME | PERFORMANCE U ZAaU The VXP is designed to make getting on and off the port and your PWC smooth, stable and easy. And, since the VXP keeps your PWC out of the water, it's easy to cover, clean, secure and access for maintenance.

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Keep your PWC safe and easy to use EZ Port VXP Features and Benefits: • UV-16-protected, rotationally molded polyethylene • Industry-leading impact resistance requires no environmentally harmful foam filling • Patented understructure creates a stable and durable walking and porting surface • Adjustable rollers adapt to all PWC brands or hull designs for effortless porting and launching • Integrated bow stop for added security • Seamlessly connects to any EZ Dock system • Connects to any existing dock system or can be secured to the shore or lakebed without a dock • Keeps any rec or rec-lite...

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EZ PORT - 16

One of water's most fascinating qualities is how it takes on the shape of whatever is around it, its form and currents always flowing, moving and changing, creating its own natural sense of order. That same dependable, orderly flow was also the inspiration behind EZ PortMAX jPf from EZ Dock — a system of smooth-rolling ports that can be^onflguredto change^!! easily along with the needs of your waterfront. -

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EZ P0rt MAX Features and Benefits Watch the EZ Port MAX testimonial video • Modular, Adaptable, and Xpandable to maximize slip space for unlimited PWC storage options • Smooth-gliding rollers provide easy, low-impact loading and unloading • Can be customized for tight slips and tandem inlines • Accommodates all PWCs • Perfect for rental applications to increase efficiency and maximize profitability • Ideal for all levels of PWC operators Visit the EZ Dock YouTube channel to hear how easy the EZ Port MAX makes loading and unloading PWCs.

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EZ PORT MODULAR | ADAPTABLE | EXPANDABLE The modular, adjustable and expandable EZ Port MAX PWC port system is built to accommodate multiple PWCs of different shapes. The EZ Port MAX is one of the most flexible options available and can be customized to maximize slip spaces with tandem inlines that help you accommodate more PWCs per slip. Just configure the design that best suits your waterfront and adjust the design any time your needs change. The EZ Port MAX is a flexible system designed for single multiple, or inline ports to accommodate multiple PWCs

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