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EZ Dock Floating Dock and Lift Systems


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THE LAST DOCK YOU WILL EVER NEED. EZ Dock’s modular polyethylene docks, personal watercraft lifts, and boat lifts are strong, attractive, and tremendously durable. Their modular design allows virtually unlimited configurations—almost any layout required by a marina, private dock, or PWC facility —and our high quality polyethylene construction means they’ll stand up to a broad range of challenging aquatic environments. Plus, our products offer unmatched performance with outstanding load capacity, functionality, and safety. Take a look at our complete selection of docks, lifts, anchoring systems, and accessories, and get acquainted with the last dock you’ll ever need. A view of the bottom and inside of an EZ Dock section reveals flotation chambers and an extra-heavy wall thickness that creates tremendous structural integrity. These patented chambers enhance stability, making it the most stable dock on the water, without the need for foam fillings that create an environmental concern. Contact your local dealer/distributor today! Call 1-888-752-9349 for more information. The First Dock of Its Kind. FLOATING DOCK AND LIFT SYSTEMS EZ Dock’s patented connection couplers are designed to allow sections to move independently under high-stress conditions, yet provide unified stability. Made with recycled material, the couplers are compounded to prevent fatigue problems. The composite coupler bolt and nut eliminate corrosion in any water condition.

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The Perfect Dock For Your Waterfront. Dock Sections • For small or large boats up to 5,000 lbs • Simple drive-on, drive-off system • Configurations to fit multiple boat shapes and sizes • Ample stability and walk- around access to boat • Self-floating to move with the changing water levels Modular versatility Strength and flexibility Low maintenance Cool-to-the-touch beige color Variety of anchoring options Safe, slip-resistant surface Patented coupler system Simple drive-on, push-off system Easy to install Compatible with any EZ Dock system or traditional floating dock Easy loading and...

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