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EZ DOCK 2018 - 1

The best investment for your waterfront

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EZ DOCK 2018 - 2

OUR STORY In 1991, two friends set out to create the ideal dock after years of battling harsh weather conditions and having to install and remove their wooden dock seasonally. The result— the patented EZ Dock® System. Today, we are the industry leader in floating modular docks, offering a wide selection of dock systems, boat and PWC lifts, and accessories. EZ Dock is the best investment you will make for your waterfront property. Combining strength and stability with light weight and low maintenance, our patented designs have applications in commercial marine, residential, and industrial...

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EZ DOCK 2018 - 4

EZ Dock is the best investment you will ever make in your waterfront property. We proudly manufacture all of our roto-molded product in the U.S.A. Low Maintenance and Barefoot Friendly • EZ Dock polyethylene docks are durable and slip resistant • Won’t splinter or rot, never needs painting • Cleans easily with soap and water Adaptable Design • Unique design delivers outstanding load capacity, functionality, and safety • Variety of dock sections, boat/PWC lifts, and kayak launches • Easily customizable design to make your perfect waterfront retreat Flexible Flotation Technology • Flotation...

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EZ DOCK 2018 - 7

STANDARD DOCK SECTIONS Get the look and features that are right for you Our floating, modular, composite dock sections can be formed into a wide variety of custom configurations to perfectly suit your shoreline and your lifestyle. EZ Dock offers features and benefits that no other dock can match: unbeatable adaptability, exceptional performance in rough water, superior strength and durability, virtually no upkeep, universal accessibility, and easy installation. From simple straight-dock designs to complex configurations featuring multiple ports and platforms, EZ Dock makes it easy to create...

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EZ DOCK 2018 - 9

FEATURES/BENEFITS: • Incredible stability for sure footing while stepping on and off • Meets FISA and US Rowing standards - perfect for your team's races • Engineered for many applications: rowing, swimming, fishing, boating • Modular design for easy installation, ability to attach to standard EZ Dock system or traditional docks Ease of use. Stability. Low maintenance. It's time to stop worrying about your footing and start focusing on your rowing skills. Introducing EZ Dock's new low profile dock. It's dramatically lower to the water, with a freeboard height less than half that of our...

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EZ DOCK 2018 - 11

EZ PORT® MAX 2i DRIVE-ON LIFT EZ Port revolutionized docking and launching with the original, drive-on PWC lift. Our patented industry-leading EZ Port Max 2i takes that innovation to the highest level. It features a split entry and self-adjusting rollers that make loading and unloading smooth and effortless. EZ Port Max 2i is the simplest and most durable drive-on, push-off method of dry docking. Whether you are an experienced operator or just getting started, boarding and launching is a breeze, and is ideal for any size or brand of PWCs. FEATURES/BENEFITS: • Adjustable rollers adapt to all...

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EZ DOCK 2018 - 13

EZ PORT MAX The EZ Port MAX System for multiple PWCs. *■ y DOCK SECTIONS SIZE (W x L x H) WEIGHT FLOTATION CAPACITY PART # with Entry Extension 3.7 m x 1.5 m x 25 cm EZ Port MAX 44" x 59" x 10" 5. EZ Port MAX Small Bow Section Call 800-654-8168 or visit

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EZ DOCK 2018 - 15

EZ BOATPORT® DRIVE-ON BOAT LIFTS Keeping your boat high and dry has never been so easy. The EZ BoatPort is a simple and stable drive-on, drive-off method of docking for boats in a wide range of sizes up to 5,000 lbs. Removable and changeable bunks can accommodate hull shapes from flat-bottoms to deep-Vs, making this the perfect choice for boats including skiffs, fishing boats, and jet boats. The EZ BoatPort is also available with side extensions for additional walkaround room and access to the sides of your boat for cleaning, maintenance, and covering. Side Extension it FEATURES/BENEFITS: •...

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EZ DOCK 2018 - 17

FEATURES/BENEFITS: EZ Kayak Launch • Comfort - Allows users a stable and dry entry to water • Ease of use - Launch-assist paddle notches for support in kayak entry and exit • Flexibility in design - Ability to connect to virtually any dock (EZ Dock, traditional wood docks, and more] EZ Launch - Commercial • Guide rails for easy access in and out of the water • Launch rollers for easy movement of the watercraft • Transfer bench with two heights for easy transfer from wheelchairs • Transfer slide boards with two heights for differing watercraft sizes • Perfect for high traffic, public use EZ...

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EZ DOCK 2018 - 18

Once you've created your EZ Dock, you'll need to select an anchoring system to work with your existing piling or your new installation. Our wide variety of anchoring components can accommodate most water conditions and bottoms (deep, shallow, rough, muddy, or sandy) and are simple to install. EZ Dock anchoring products are made from long-lasting, durable materials that can accommodate standard or heavy-duty use. Your local dealer can help you select the anchoring system that's right for your location. Call us at 1-800-654-8168. 1. Pipe Augers 100255 or 100355 Nut and bolt auger for drilling...

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EZ DOCK 2018 - 19

Easy Access Engineered with the same technology and quality as our dock sections, EZ Dock gangways offer uncompromised durability and modular versatility. Gangways are manufactured from aluminum, wood, or polyethylene. 1. Gangway (Aluminum) G300308to G300532 Features welded construction with an available ThruFlow™ decking walkway. Available in 3' and 5' widths and lengths from 8' to 32'. 2. Gangway (Polyethylene) 400406 (6' section) Shown with two 6' sections installed with the 12' Aluminum Tube Support Kit (401412) and optional 12' Hand Rail (400912). Also available in 10' section...

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EZ DOCK 2018 - 20

EZ TRAIL® EZ Trail is a smart way to create accessible ramps and pathways in your woodland, wetland, or any place you need a safe and durable traversing platform. Our system is less invasive, and the large interconnecting, modular sections are simple to install. You can easily add sections as needed, or reconfigure your walkway anytime you like. EZ Trail features a versatile and expandable self-floating design that is suitable for land and water and can be easily moved (unlike fixed walkways, ramps, piers, or docks). Call 800-654-8168 or visit Environmentally Friendly...

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