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The patented flotation design and coupling system of EZ Dock provides more stability than traditional floating dock structures, and is virtually unsinkable under normal use. EZ Dock was developed with the discriminating waterfront No two waterfront properties are exactly the same, so why consumer in mind. After years of battling harsh weather not choose the versatility of the EZ Dock modular system that conditions and having to install and remove docks seasonally, can be configured to meet your unique waterfront vision? two innovative friends invented and patented the EZ Dock The modular...

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EZ Dock vs. Wood W hile there are many advantages of EZ Dock over traditional wood docks, the most significant is reduced maintenance, which can be measured in both time and money saved. EZ Dock sections don’t rust or splinter, and they don’t have individual boards that need to be replaced or painted. Pressure washing is a thing of the past with EZ Dock. Soap and water from a traditional garden hose are all you need to clean your EZ Dock system. Additionally, EZ Dock is environmentally friendly, as it allows sun light to filter through, and it will not release harmful chemicals into...

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HIGH VALUE EZ Dock knows that a waterfront property is a major investment, and that waterfront owners need stable, versatile and maintenance free docking systems to compliment their investments. That’s why EZ Dock designed its products to be attractive, easy to install, adaptable, and virtually maintenance free. EZ Dock’s products are constructed from materials that help them retain their “like new” appearance. This saves time and money spent on maintenance, and thus maximizes your long-term investment. For the best value, choose EZ Dock when replacing an existing dock or designing and...

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Call 1-800-654-8168 for more information.

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Whether you have a lakeside cottage, oceanfront property, or are part of a homeowners association, EZ Dock can create a dock system tailored for your specific needs. Residential /Property Development Let our factory trained distributors/dealers help you make sense of dock permits, local codes, environmental considerations and water conditions that may impact your ultimate design. Marinas Whether you need two slips or 2000, EZ Dock has dedicated and experienced distributors and dealers to help you navigate the process. We will help you understand the challenges that come with new dock...

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Parks, Camps and Recreational Areas Do you have fond memories of summer camp—swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, and waterskiing? The team at EZ Dock does, and we have created numerous dock systems that provide children and adults of all ages EZ access, including ADA accessibility, to the water activities we all love. Our low maintenance systems are designed specifically for customers that have less staff, time and money to devote to constant dock maintenance. In most cases, EZ Dock can be left in the water all year. Ask your local dealer for recommendations to suit your...

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Nature Preserves, Wildlife and Environmental Research Wildlife habitats depend on our wetlands, and we, in turn, need to respect their needs. EZ Dock sections allow light to penetrate through the dock, fostering plant growth that is essential to wildlife. EZ Dock’s designs utilize patented hollow sections that eliminates the use of foam for flotation. Foam is dangerous to wildlife when it deteriorates and breaks apart, leaving debris in the water. We develop our products to work in harmony with the environment -- not against it. EZ Dock contains no toxins or other ingredients that could...

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Dock Sections Corner Gusset Part# 300501 Polyethylene corner gusset adds deck surface and additional stability to dock fingers when needed. Modular, Stable, Cool and Durable Features & Benefits Choose from many different sizes and shapes to get the exact dock configuration Excellent stability on water you desire. The patented EZ Dock system makes it a snap to install. Just lay out the sections, bolt couplers in place, and tighten down the bolts. Beige “cool-to-touch” color The beige color makes our docks more attractive, and helps them blend with the Safe, slip-resistant surface natural...

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Dock Sections Versatile Modular Design The EZ Dock system is easily configured to suit most any need. Combine various size sections and accessories to create a simple swim platform or an elaborate multiple-slip marina. A view of the bottom and inside of an EZ Dock section reveals flotation chambers and an extra-heavy wall thickness that creates tremendous structural integrity. The patented flotation chambers (also referred to as pylons) were designed into our dock sections to provide additional stability on the water making EZ Dock the most stable dock on the market. EZ Dock systems do not...

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Drive-On Boat Lifts Can Your Dock Do This? Keeping your boat high and dry has never been so easy! The new EZ BoatPort™ from EZ Dock is a simple drive-on, drive-off method of docking for boats in a wide range of sizes up to 5,000 pounds. Removable and changeable bunks can accommodate boats with a deadrise angle from zero to 21 degrees, making this the perfect choice for many skiffs, runabouts, fishing boats and jet boats. The new EZ BoatPort is also available with new Side Extensions for additional walk-around room and access to the sides of your boat for cleaning, maintenance and covering....

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Simply idle up, center your boat on the roller, add slight power and roll up to the front of the EZ BoatPort. You and your passengers will enjoy room on three sides for loading and unloading the boat, or washing it down and putting on the cover. Backing off is easy, too. Just turn the motor on, lower the motor into the water, and gently back off. The EZ BoatPort is manufactured from long lasting, UV stabilized polyethylene, and includes two replaceable entry wear plates, and two self-centering keel rollers for dependable porting. Optional accessories and packages are available to configure...

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