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WHEELS carbon bre boat steering wheels

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TECHNICAL EXCLUSIVITY Three spokes design: DAME nominated. Exit Carbon wheels are suitable for sailing yachts, racing yachts, catamarans, and trimarans. European Patent 1755869B1: Exit Engineering was the rst company to design and manufacture a wheel built in one piece, with no gluing of separate parts, unlike all other brands. Exit Carbon steering wheels are ideal for anyone looking for a more responsive helm and enhanced comfort while, at the same time, increasing safety. Best results in terms of lightness, strength and consistency. BEST AVAILABLE MATERIAL The exact same wheel which we...

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Y OR I? TWO SOLUTIONS FOR ONE PROBLEM: to transfer a pull from the rim to the spokes to discharge it onto the axle It is a simple problem with many solutions. If you pull on the rim at the end of a spoke, the load on the spoke is exclusively bending, but if you pull between two spokes, the bending decreases with the number of spokes and, as shown in gures D to A, it mainly becomes torsion. If we want to use only a few spokes, they must be designed to resist both types of load, thus they must have a very wide connection to the rim. Just think of what happens if you try to unscrew a screw...

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90 cm overall diameter weight* 105 cm overall diameter weight* 120 cm overall diameter weight* 160 cm overall diameter weight* 170 cm overall diameter weight* 180 cm overall diameter weight* * The weights correspond to the carbon bre steering wheels with anti UV coating without the hubs. Conical hubs weigh 200 g Cylindrical hubs weigh 275 g

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design: www.eudesign.it www.archiplus.it - www.graficameneghini.it Exit Engineering S.r.l. VAT: IT03880600287 via Industria, 43 30010 Camponogara (Venezia) Italy T. +39 041 89 48 038

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