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HELIOS 80 - 1

SUN AWNINGS POLE SYSTEM 20 to 230 cm high. 3 different awning connections. BETTER YACHTING MAOFjlN

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HELIOS 80 - 2

HELIOS 80 Sun Awning Poles System Featuring high-tech carbon fiber construction and fantastic matt finishing, Exit Carbon's sun awning poles come in a variety of lengths and diameters to perfectly match your stern or bow deck. Designed for use on motor and sailing yachts, these poles are extremely light-weight, easy to set up, and stow anywhere with wall clips. TECHNICAL DATA HEIGHT FROM DECK 20 to 230 cm 260 kg to 550 kg ANGLE eye-bolt or Clamcleat® AWNING SURFACE

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HELIOS 80 - 3

HELIOS 80 HELIOS Sun Awning System Description Sun Awning System Technical Data Sheet Female Deck Socket Price List

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HELIOS 80 - 4

HELIOS Sun Awning System Sun Awning Poles combine strength and beauty HELIOS is a carbon sun awning system specially designed for sail and motor yachts. It consists in carbon fiber poles of different diameters, a set of female deck sockets, made both of stainless steel and aluminium, with different depths, thicknesses, flange diameters, and standing angles. Most sockets can be chosen with different fitting options (water drains, special bottom reinforcements, steel counter-flanges) to solve most installation problems. On request, in cooperation with MarineWerk, we can supply the awning, custom...

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HELIOS 80 - 5

HELIOS Sun Awning System Fit it where it’s most convenient, preserving your boat from excessive stress ✓ Determine the max load you will apply to the poles adding the ✓ Carefully choose the most appropriate socket for your own yacht. wind effect on the awning, and check on the next page which diameter is the right pole for you, choosing from 22 lengths (from 20 cm to 230 cm), four diameters (32 mm, 38 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm), and two angles (0° or 6°). As a rule of thumb, we suggest the following limits for our poles: A long pole will apply a very high concentrated load to the socket and this load...

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HELIOS 80 - 6

HELIOS Sun Awning System Sun Awning Poles combine strength and beauty ✓ Select how to attach your awning: a simple eye-bolt on top, if the tape has adjustable length, or with a Clamcleat® on the side with external or internal rope

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HELIOS 80 - 7

DATA SHEET / HELIOS Sun Awning System MAX SIDE LOAD ON TOP OF THE POLE 32 38 55 kg 79 kg

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HELIOS 80 - 8

DATA SHEET / HELIOS Sun Awning System Female deck sockets Fittings Exit Carbon offers a large variety of female deck sockets for your carbon poles. Flanges are 4 mm thick as a minimum and quite wide, to distribute the load on a bigger deck surface. Nevertheless, for longer poles, consider our sockets with bottom screw, to fit an additional bracket below deck. All sockets come with an impeccable highly-polished deck flange and are lined with a protective polymer sleeve. The 2 smallest ones are available also in black, hard anodized aluminium. Notice: standard sockets have a hole on the bottom,...

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HELIOS 80 - 9

Options - HELIOS Sun Awning System Options Stainless steel rear flange Wall clips Twill fabric finishing Simplify the fitting of the female deck sockets with this strong, stainless steel counter-flange with threaded holes. Instead of using nuts with wide washers to be individually tightened, awkwardly holding your key below deck, use this single counter-flange. It distributes the load better than the widest of washers, but most of all, once you fit the 3 screws into their threaded holes, you won’t need to use any key below deck when tightening the screws. Just tighten the screws from the top and...

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HELIOS 80 - 10

Options - HELIOS Sun Awning System Options Paint The carbon fiber poles come in Exit Carbon’s signature carbon look, or a color of your choice, among the mixture of classic boating colors, and soft, modern tones we selected for you. You can also create a completely individual finishing, selecting any color from the whole RAL or Awlgrip palette. See Pricing page for details. Provide the best protection for your poles and yacht with our exclusive, light grey Exit Carbon weatherproof padded stow bag. All our bags feature resistant and comfortable handles, individual slots for each pole, shoulder...

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HELIOS 80 - 11

HELIOS Sun Awning System - Price list valid from the 1st June 2019 to the 30th June 2020 Sun Awnings Poles HEIGHT FROM DECK 20 to 90 cm (8" to 3') 100 cm (3' 3") Special reinforcements on stressed sections and Clamcleats®fitting. No screws on carbon. AVAILABLE LENGTHS AND PRICES WITH EYE-BOLT

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HELIOS 80 - 13

EXIT CARBON IS MANUFACTURED by EXIT ENGINEERING For more details, please send us an email at info@exitcarbon.com HEADQUARTERS

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