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LA MISSIONE To build carbon fibre structural components for boats while achieving the following goals: - to offer the best performance - to maintain a consistent high quality - to guarantee fast delivery time on the whole product range. Realizzare componenti strutturali in fibra di carbonio per la nautica raggiungendo 3 obiettivi: - garantire le migliori prestazioni - mantenere alta qualità dei prodotti - offrire rapidi tempi di consegna. Volvo Open 70 “Kosatka” -(Team Russia) LA TECNICA - 100% carbon fibre pre-preg fabrics - high temperature and pressure autoclave curing (120° C / 7 bar) -...

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LA MISSION DE EXIT ENGINEERING EXIT ENGINEERING ANSPRUCH Technology & Style photo by Max Ranchi LA MISSION DE EXIT ENGINEERING EXIT ENGINEERING ANSPRUCH LA MISSION LE FACTEUR HUMAIN DAS ANSPRUCH DIE ERGEBNISSE Realiser des composants structurels en carbone pour le nautisme, en regroupant 3 objectifs: - offrir les meilleures performances - garder une haute qualité des produits - garantir temps de livraison rapides - recherche et développement - ingénierie du produit et du procès - expérience professionnelle - collaboration exclusive avec les fournisseurs principaux Exit Engineering widmet...

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RUOTE IN CARBONIO CARBON FIBRE STEERING WHEELS BARRES A ROUE CARBONE CARBON-STEUERRÄDER ONE DESIGN. ONE PATENT. DIFFERENT SIZES. UN DESIGN. UN BREVETTO. DIVERSI DIAMETRI. Exit Engineering was the first company to bring to market a carbon fibre steering wheel made from a single moulded structure, as certified by the patent granted by the European Patent Office. The wheels are built in one piece, becoming an immensely light and strong monocoque structure with no weak joints nor secondary bondings. You'll buy exactly the same wheel which was chosen by Volvo Ocean Racers, G Class ocean...

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Montaggio Carbon fibre boat steering wheels are supplied with the suitable hub for any steering brand, built with aluminum alloy and protected with hard anodising against corrosion and wear. They're easy to install like any other metallic wheel. Le ruote in fibra di carbonio sono fornite con il mozzo adatto al sistema di timoneria presente a bordo, costruito in lega leggera e protetto con trattamento di anodizzazione speciale contro la corrosione e l'usura. Il montaggio è rapido e semplice come quello di qualsiasi ruota in metallo. CARACTERISTIQUES PRINCIPALES PRINZIPIELLE EIGENSCHAFTEN -...

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. Compared with EXIT ENGINEERING WHEELS DESIGN - it's elegant - it respects the boat style and architecture - it allows a clear view of the instruments - it amplifies the perception of lightness and let a good visibility of the landscape . In confronto alle ruote . Par rapport aux roues WHY HAVE A CARBON FIBRE WHEEL? PERCHE’ UNA RUOTA IN CARBONIO? POURQUOI AVOIR UNE BARRE A ROUE CARBONE? . IL DESIGN EXIT ENGINEERING - è elegante - rispetta lo stile e l'architettura dell'imbarcazione - permette un'ottima visibilità della strumentazione di bordo - aumenta la percezione di leggerezza delle...

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CARBON FIBRE GANGWAYS PASSERELLE IN CARBONIO PASSERELLES CARBONE CARBON GANGWAYS 216 x 39 / 285 x 45 / 350 X 60 cm folding 220 x 39 cm solid custom and semi-custom line from 450 to 600 cm, solid or folding version 216 x 39 / 285 x 45 / 350 X 60 cm pieghevoli 220 x 39 cm fissa linea custom e semi-custom da 450 a 600 cm, versione fissa o pieghevole Designed for one person to handle and deploy with ease. The folding models are even easier to manage and to stow aboard. With a maximum load capacity of 350 kg, they are still extremely light (starting from 3.5 kg). Gangways are so light, reliable...

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216 x 39 / 285 x 45/ 350 X 60 cm klappbar 220 x 39 cm nicht klappbar custom line Gangways Längen 450 cm bis 600 cm, klappbare oder nicht klappbare Gangways Extremely light and incredibly strong M Wengè boat name inlaid into the teak tread Conçues pour être maniées et mises en place par une seule personne, dans les versions pliantes elles sont très faciles à ranger à bord. Bien qu’elles arrivent à supporter jusqu'à 350 kg, elles sont extrêmement légères (à partir de 3.5 kg). La grande robustesse, la fiabilité et la légèreté sont dus à la méthode de fabrication à coque continue, sans...

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TECHNICAL DETAILS 220 cm solid 216 cm folding 285 cm folding 350 cm folding Cross section height: 35 mm 75 mm 85 mm 150 mm Weight:* 3.5 kg 4.4 kg 6.9 kg 12 kg Maximum load: 350 kg 350 kg 350 kg 350 kg Length (folded): - 1088 mm 1440 mm 1760 mm Height (folded): - 176 mm 180 mm 302 mm Width (with handrail): - 418 mm 478 mm 628 mm * These weights correspond to carbon structure weights. Gangways total weights depend on required configurations. * Questi pesi corrispondono alle strutture in carbonio delle passerelle. Il peso totale dipende dalla configurazione richiesta. * Ces poids correspondent...

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IL DESIGN A 3 RAZZE, UNA SCELTA PER LA LEGGEREZZA, LA SENSIBILITÀ E LA ROBUSTEZZA Transfer the thrust from the rim to the spokes to discharge it onto the axle. It is a simple question but with numerous different solutions. If the thrust is in front of a spoke, the main load is exclusively flexion, but if the thrust is intermediate between two spokes, the flexion lowers as the number of spokes decreases and, as the figures shows in case D to A, it mainly becomes torsion. If we just want to use a few spokes, they must be designed to resist two types of load and they must have a very wide...

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design räderwerk - - 52142 Exit Engineering reserves the right to change specifications on products without prior notice at our discretion due to improvement in design and technology, implementation of current rules and commercial reasons. Exit Engineering si riserva di apportare ai prodotti, a propria discrezione, ogni opportuna modifica dettata da ragioni normative, industriali, commerciali o estetiche. Dans un souci de constante amélioration de ses produits, et dans le respect des contraintes légales, Exit Engineering se réserve le droit de modifier les spécifications de ses...

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